10 home remedies to cure acidity permanently?

A happy stomach lies in healthy, spicy, and different food tastes. We all have those different personalities in our home who love spicy, tangy, or even salty food when it comes to simple breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But no one would surely like to have that burning sensation in the stomach that radiates to your heart. 

However, Acidic feelings are frequent and cause so much discomfort. So, How to cure acidity permanently? About it, we will learn everything in this blog.

Well the Answer is you can cure acidity easily with alkaline-neutralizing foods and drinks.

To fight the acidity symptoms caused by food products, we need only food products to counteract them.

Herein, we have provided certain tips and home remedies that may help you fight acidity permanently, but before that, let us understand what acidity stands for:

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Ginger, cold milk, buttermilk, cloves, fennel seeds etc are some of the home remedies to cure acidity permanently. Check the bio to know more.


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How is Acidity Caused?

Acidity is also known as acid reflux, one of the common digestive problems in men and women. The digestive problem is caused by the burning sensation that may arise in the stomach and may radiate into the food pipe.

Food that we eat first goes to the stomach passing through the esophagus. Acid is then created in the gastric glands, which helps fight bacteria and harmful germs while proceeding with digestion. When you eat spicy food, the additional acid formed, in this case, produces a burning sensation in the gastric glands above the belly area.

What are the reasons for acidity formation in the stomach?

There are many reasons for acidity formation, and these can be:

  • Eating a lot of spicy food, processed food, and junk food
  • Bad timing for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Bad food habits like either eating too much or not eating at all
  • Overeating
  • Taking the stress and trying to manage things while having food
  • Lack of sleep
  • Anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders
  • Consumption of certain types of medicines
  • Smocking and drinking alcohol at an abnormal rate
  • Using antibiotics that may cause acidity, body pain, headache, and other symptoms
  • Workload
  • Heavy or no exercise

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How To Cure Acidity with Natural Remedies?

Many people develop a myth that stomach issues like acidity can be cured or completely vanish with medicines. The fact is not fully correct; you can easily fight such symptoms with a few kitchen materials or food products. Now, to reduce acidity or heartburn issues naturally, you must have the list of the following products available at your home. Let us now discuss how these products may help you:

Ginger is one of the best acidity home remedies that you should have at your home. The herb is loaded with anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. You can have ginger mixed with lemon juice or other food products. You can chew raw ginger if you have acid reflux or acidity. You can also have ginger tea, ginger water, ginger lemon juice, and many other vegetables made with ginger garnishing.

If you are feeling unbearable acidity issues after taking every meal, you can try consuming mind leaves or adding them to your meal to make your stomach feel soothing. It is the cooling agent helping to give a cooling effect to the stomach acid. You can try drinking fruit juice or lemon juice mixed with the extract of mind leaves. Mind leaves mixed into a fresh glass of water or lemon juice is also the most delicious summer drink.

It is one of the ancient Indian spices that has been in human use since the beginning of mankind. It helps you reduce heartburn, stomach pain, and several other body issues like pain from any injury, weakness, dizziness, and the immediate effects of cold or summer heat. If your digestive system is not working properly, you can add a pinch of turmeric into a glass of milk, boil the content and drink it slowly. This will boost your immunity, help your body produce new cells, and fight illness.

Bananas are the best-known home remedy for acidity, helping you fight the symptoms. Bananas are rich in nutrients; eating one or two bananas a day helps you overcome the nutritional deficiency in your body. Eating raw bananas helps you suppress the acidity symptoms. It is rich in potassium and fiber and helps cure digestive issues like acid secretion. You can add them to your breakfast or evening snack.

Now, when you ask How to cure acidity permanently and which is the best food for fighting summer heat and the instant fatigue or dizziness in the body, there is nothing better than watermelon or watermelon juice. It makes your stomach healthier, strong, and full of essential nutrients. You can add watermelon to your breakfast as a meal remedy, salad, or even as an evening part of your meals.

It is one of the best foods in Indian history (made with different states, spices, and methods). It is not only a cooling drink in the summer but also helps you fight various stomach-related issues. You can add buttermilk or a glass after every meal, including breakfast. Adding a pinch of spices like pepper, mind, black salt, and coriander leaves can make your drink more delicious. It improves the digestive system, enhances bowel movements, and raises the need for more food or hunger. 

  • Ajwain or carom seeds –

It is also the best home remedy for acidity. Even if you have nothing from the food mentioned earlier in your kitchen, you can add half a spoon of ajwain with half spoon of salt and swallow the mixture with water. It will provide a soothing effect on your stomach and fight digestive issues like stomach pain, acid, and indigestion.

  • Fennel Seeds or Saunf –

Indians have a trend to eat fennel seeds after having lunch or dinner. It is one of the parts of their culture to mix fennel seeds and sugar candy/Mishri (Indian name) and eat it after having a heavy meal. It maintains their taste and gives them a soothing, ayurvedic, medicinal, and tasty treat. You can also add fennel seeds to drinks like plain water or tea.

Cloves help to provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can have cloves in your mouth when you have tooth pain, acidity symptoms, or any digestive issues. One strand of clove helps to fight indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, and nausea. Try sucking the cloves while keeping them in your mouth but do not chew or eat them.

One more natural remedy to treat acidity or heartburn is milk. Milk stops any reflux or burning feeling in the stomach by absorbing acid production there. You can have a glass of pure, cold milk without adding sugar to relieve acidity quickly.

Conclusion – 

You can try any of the above-mentioned home remedies for acidity for at least three or seven days. It will either help you dissolve your stomach acid into the body or empty your bladder after having meals. These are the best and the must-have food material that must be there in every home.

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