10 Ways To Inject Some Green Into Your Diet

In a world where the unhealthy food seems to get tastier and tastier, it can be very tempting to skimp on the greenery when you’re putting together your meal plan. Fruits and veggies are crucial for a healthy diet and a lack of them can cause massive nutrient deficiencies which affect your body in all sorts of unpleasant ways. Here are some easy fun ways to make sure that your diet stays green!

Inject Some Green Into Your Diet

Here are the 10 ways to add more leafy greens into your diet –

1. Eat Some With Every Meal

Eating vegetables with every meal will mean you are eating a good amount of vegetables. If it’s simply a given that every meal will have vegetables and/or fruit with it, it will become the norm and will give you a chance to establish what you like and when. Have tomatoes with your eggs in the morning, carrot sticks at lunch and whatever you like with dinner, for example.

2. Smoothies And Juices


They can be expensive, but smoothies are a really fun way for you to ensure you’re getting good levels of fruit and veg. If you get your own juicing machine, even better, as you can inject some creativity into your choices. Combine leafy veg with fructose filled fruit and you’ll have yourself a natural, healthy and tasty treat every day.

3. Cook Creatively


Almost every vegetable can be cooked a multitude of different ways: grilled, roasted, steamed, microwaved etc. “Add a bit of fun and creativity to your meal prep by exploring all the different ways to cook vegetables. It’s especially good if you only like a few vegetables, since you’ll never get bored of them when they look and taste slightly different every time”, advises Adeel Booth, nutrition expert at Academized and Paper Fellows.

4. Soup


A bit like smoothies and juices, soups are a really effective way of getting your vegetables in liquid form. They can be very tasty, light or heavy, and are easily accompanied by all sorts of other meal ingredients. What’s more, they keep a long time and are easy to store so their perfect if you prep all of your meals at the start of the week.

5. Cauliflower Pizza


If you like making your own pizza, then swap out that bread base for cauliflower with the simple recipe that brings a bit of health to a famously unhealthy classic. It’s surprisingly easy and, even more surprisingly, tasty. If you’ve never tried it, you might even find you prefer it!

6. Green-ify Snack Time


Dieting trainer at OX Essays and State Of Writing, Melissa Kirby says that “Snacking can be where a lot of the damage is done, in terms of consuming unhealthy foods. Even if your central meal plans still have work to do in terms of finding that healthy balance, swapping your packet of chips for some crunchy carrots and hummus will already set you on the right path.”

Swapping out your snacks will also likely make you eat lots of healthy food, since who doesn’t love snacking?

7. Veggie Pasta


Replacing your regular noodles for some zucchini or sweet potatoes is instantly much healthier and, with the help of a spiralizer, extremely convenient. Vegetable noodles also tend to offer more flavor to your meal where pasta noodles just offer carbs.

8. Try New Fruits And Vegetables

When you really start to look into it, there are A LOT of different fruits and veg. Try all of them and you’ll likely find a few new favorites. What’s more, in the process, you’ll eat lots of fruit and veg as a result!

9. Buy A Fruit Bowl


Having fruit presented beautifully in a nice bowl will have you reaching for a piece every time you walk past. Just make sure that it’s always fully stocked.

10. Make A Pact With Someone

Everything is better when you have a friend! Find someone else who is looking to add a bit of green to their diet and promise each other you’ll stick to the plan. If you either of you strays, you’ll have someone on hand with some cauliflower base pizza to pick up the pieces.

Summing Up

Let fruit and veg become an obsession. See how many different meals you can add it to and how often you can snack on it and you’ll find that you’ll never want to go back!

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