21 Best Korean Makeup of 2022 for Dewy Skin, Shimmery Eyelids, and Blotted Lips: K-Beauty Makeup Reviews

The Etude House Oh M’Eye Line is a favorite of Korean singer/rapper Camo, who is known for nailing the siren eye trend. She paints smudge-proof sharp flicks onto the inner and outer corners of her eyes with the help of its ultra-thin applicator and waterproof formula. 

Neogen Extra Slim Metal Maxicara

Colorgram Milk Bling Shadow

Peripera Speedy Skinny Brow

K-pop group Dreamcatcher gave a shout-out to the Neogen Extra Slim Metal Maxicara in an Allure interview not just because they work with the K-beauty brand. Yoohyeon swears by the way it easily separates her lashes with clumping, while SuA loves how it gives her lashes a fluttery, lash extension-like effect. It’s also a favorite of Chung Ha’s makeup artist Eunwoo Jung

Liquid glitter liners, like the Colorgram Milk Bling Shadow, have been taking over TikTok for recreating the glint on K-pop stars’ lower lash lines that catches the light on stage like a disco ball. It’s a subtle but impactful way to amp up your everyday makeup look. 

Over the past couple of years, Peripera has become popular stateside for its lip tints. However, the K-beauty brand is well-known in Seoul for more than just those. The Speedy Skinny Brow is a top pick for those looking for an affordable, new eyebrow pencil. It touts a tiny mechanical pencil-like tip for achieving hair-like strokes that won’t smudge.

A.Black Glam Change Multi Palette

Soo Adoor By Maeng #02 Point Eyeshadow Brush

3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in #Beach Muse

The A.Black Glam Change Multi Palette in Plz Pink was essential for Chungha’s “Sparkling” era. Jung dipped into the dozen of pink-toned shadows in matte, shimmer, and glitter textures to create ethereal on-stage makeup. 

Not to brag (but I will), but last time I was in Seoul, Park Eunkyung of Unistella fame gifted me a set of makeup brushes created by Blackpink’s makeup artist Maeng. My favorite of the bunch is the Soo Adoor By Maeng #02 Point Eyeshadow Brush. The tiny, densely-packed bristles are perfect for tapping glitter onto the inner corners of your eyes, creating winged liner out of shadow, and cleaning up the lower lash line after sweeping on mascara. 

While in Seoul, one of my favorite beauty shops to stop in is 3CE for its fun packaging and exciting hues. Picking just one of its products to spotlight was a difficult choice, but the 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette in #Beach Muse touts colors that are perpetually on-trend in Korea. A wash of shimmery coral or rose gold on the lids transcends seasons and time. The nine-shade kit is even a staple on Seoul-based makeup artist Jo Hyemin’s vanity at Jennyhouse, a salon in Cheongdam Hill.


Rom&nd Juicy Lasting Tint

Hince Mood Enhancer Water Liquid Glow

Amuse is known among Korean makeup lovers as the go-to brand for lip tints in peachy hues. Its latest fan-favorite formula is the Amuse Dew Velvet, which gives lips a juicy matte finish for the perfect blurred lip look that stays put all day. Plus, it is probably one of the most moisturizing matte lip products that will ever grace your lips. Similar to your favorite lip balms, this gorgeous formula is spiked with glycerin to keep your lips soft all day.

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