23rd Week of Pregnancy: Time to Keep Yourself Active

Your baby’s size has increased from almost 25cm to about 30cm in the 23rd week of pregnancy. The baby is roughly the size of a large mango. You can now feel the baby bump, which means you can feel the baby grow in the 23rd week of pregnancy. Check out the changes in baby and mother in this article below.

Changes in Baby

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Do you feel tiny jerks in your stomach? If yes, then this is the sign that your baby is getting hiccups. The baby may also start sucking their thumb.

If you have felt flutters and bubbles inside your stomach, these will probably turn into kicking and little jabs. From now onwards your baby will become more noticeable as the growth is faster.

Usually, when the mother rests, the baby will spring into action. But when the mother is active on her feet, your baby will be having good sleep. It’s good to observe the baby’s routine so that you can contact your midwife if the movement slows down or stops.

Baby’s movements are the sign that everything is well inside the womb. No movement could be a warning sign for you and the infant.

Changes in Mom’s Body

During the 23rd week of pregnancy, a mother may face a few problems, including back and feet pain. This is because of increasing weight and fluctuation in hormones.

These changes could make your muscles and ligaments relax, which is not good for your back and may lead to pain and discomfort. The expecting mother will experience the baby bump growing. These are the signs of the baby’s growth in 23rd week of pregnancy

You may also start facing issues like cramps, headaches, frequent urination, indigestion or heartburn. These are common during pregnancy. But never forget to see a midwife or doctor if the symptoms are severe.

Apart from physical changes, the mother may also face some mental changes as well. We all want a wonderful, stress-free pregnancy. But in today’s world, this becomes difficult for a woman. Home or work pressure could be some reasons, which could lead to anxiety.

Always remember, it’s not a problem that you are pregnant. You can ask for maternity leaves if required. It’s a normal part of life.

According to government policy in India, a pregnant woman is eligible to take maternity leave for a total of twenty-six (26) calendar weeks.

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What to do in the 23rd week of pregnancy?

The first thing that you need to start this week is to try to be more and more active. There are many benefits to being active during this time. It will uplift your mood and help you sleep better. Not only this, but it will also keep you away from anxiety and depression.

Having a proper diet and drinking enough water is a must during the whole pregnancy journey. This will help in the growth of the baby. The elderly women of your family must have advised you to have rich and healthy food if want an easy and safe delivery. So you should try to follow their advice and keep yourself happy and active.

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