29 Fall Shoes From Zara and Mango



I have a running list of designer shoes that I actively dream about, but these days, my apartment refresh has taken priority in terms of my budget. However, as a fashion person, it’s difficult to miss the joys of fall shopping completely, so I’ve turned to the meccas of trendy, elevated, and affordable fashion: Mango and Zara

While there are plenty of new arrivals that I could ramble on about at both retailers, today, I’m zeroing in on Mango’s and Zara’s footwear lineup. And let me say that the selections are immaculate. From sturdy boots to trendy flats and revenge heels, my shopping impulses came out in full force while I was browsing through each page. Ultimately, I made out with five new pairs in my cart, and I plan on making them the basis of my fall wardrobe this season. No one does expensive-looking footwear quite like Mango and Zara, and judging from the pairs I’ve included below, I firmly stand behind that statement. Keep scrolling to shop the coolest new shoes to hit Zara and Mango this week.

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