3 Lazy-Girl Hair Tips from College Students

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In today’s fast-paced world, with trends changing at the speed of light, there is no such thing as a standard hairstyle. More so with college students’ hectic schedules, the only thing most of them ever think about is figuring out a way to spend more time sleeping and less time grooming! If you’re feeling the same, look no further. We take a look at 3 lazy-girl hair tips from college students that can ensure you always look your best with hardly any effort. Let’s dive right in!

Wash Less Frequently

If you wash your hair every single day, you might want to reconsider your habit. Washing your hair too frequently may dry out hair, more so if you apply shampoo each time. Have you ever pondered the endless list of chemicals present on shampoo labels today? Well, they may effectively cleanse your scalp yet cause an amalgam of other problems. What’s more, too much exposure to water can also contribute to poor hair health. So the less frequently you wash your hair, the better.

This has to sound appealing to a busy college student who’s trying to cram in things as simple as bathing in between arduous college work. So the next time you have to devote the whole day to honing your writing skills with Pro Essays Service, you’ll no longer need to moan about daily hair washing! Keep in mind, though, that your hair might need some time to adjust to more infrequent washing. The transition period might be tough, yet it’s well worth the benefits!

The Benefits of a Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has become a lifesaver for busy students! Without having to wash your hair the night before, leaving this miraculous product overnight will turn your hair glossy and voluminous for the whole day to come. However, beware of relying on dry shampoo too much, as it contains chemicals that are not best for your scalp. Moderation here is key. If you couple your occasional, high-quality dry shampoo usage with less frequent washing, the benefits will be ample.

If you want to avoid the chemicals in a dry shampoo, there are natural alternatives that can guarantee almost the same benefits. Applying cornstarch, for instance, can leave your hair looking far less greasy. You could add cocoa powder and cinnamon for added scalp benefits.

Your Kitchen May Hold the Answer

The goal of contemporary advertising is to make us believe that caring for our hair is a laborious activity that costs a lot of money. This way of thinking guarantees that you overspend on things you don’t need. In fact, if you do a little research, your kitchen might have the solution to the majority of your hair needs. With a little self learning, you’ll appreciate the power of nature and devise a healthy hair routine without breaking the bank. What can better nourish your scalp than fruits and vegetables containing tons of vitamins?

Make sure to research your concrete hair concerns to figure out the best natural products that can help you tackle the problem. Despite its ample benefits, coconut oil, for instance, might not be the best option for you if you have an oily scalp. In that case, you’d want to opt for lighter oils like jojoba oil. As with any other practice, research here is critical!

Final Thoughts

​​The expression “bad hair day” is used for a reason. How you look impacts all aspects of your everyday life. A stunning look can help you feel overwhelming vigor to accomplish things, yet when you don’t look your best, you feel sad and unmotivated to continue with your day. Because everything in our world is interconnected, something as basic as taking care of your hair can have a significant impact. Keep our 5 lazy-girl hair tips from college students always in mind to make sure you look your best without sparing much effort!


Merissa Moore is a college advisor and blogger. She loves helping college students tackle the psychological distress that accompanies college years. Every week, Merissa contributes instructional blog posts on issues as varied as lifestyle, education, technology, and more.

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