5 Stunning Makeup Looks Inspired by Mexico’s Wildlife — See Photos

During a recent trip to Mexico City, makeup artist Raoúl Alejandre visited a design marvel called Casa Orgánica, an experience that made him feel intensely connected to nature’s beauty, his heritage, and the importance of preserving it. 

“I remember leaving the space with my pockets full of herbs and flowers, and feeling so connected with Earth and its beauty,” Alejandre tells Allure. While he was there, one thing that caught Alejandre’s eye was the Monarch butterfly, a species that travels over 2,000 miles, from the forests of Canada and the United States, to hibernate in Mexico. This memory — and a number of beautiful experiences from his upbringing — quickly bloomed into the creative direction for a photoshoot concept with Allure

The makeup artist is both a literal and metaphoric traveler who goes around the world pouring inspiration into his artistry.  “I really like to challenge myself to think outside of the box,” he tells Allure. Where most people see obstacles, he finds an opportunity to creatively celebrate beauty; celebrate nature, to celebrate life. “I hope that I can inspire people to look beyond their limitations,” he says. 

Here, Alejandre brings to life the endangered and threatened flora and fauna of Mexico through the medium of makeup. 


Patricia Von Musulin earrings. Sterling King necklace. To create a similar makeup look: Caviar Chrome Veil in Opalescent, Blush Color Infusion in Grapefruit by Laura Mercier, Lancôme Juicy Tubes in Simmer, and Orly Gold Foil Shimmer nail lacquer. 

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