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GP surgeries can save electricity, and of course, lives. If you have a medical practice, you are passionate about the well-being of people, and people occupy the planet. Your medical practice can improve not only human health but also become more sustainable and eco-friendly. Going green will help the environment, reduce your costs, and create a healthier work environment for your staff. It’s a win either way and we have set out some tips on ways to make your medical office more environmentally friendly. If you’re wondering how GP surgeries can save electricity, read on to find out more.

Count To 6 For An Eco-Friendly Fix

#1. Invest in digital records and electronic communication.

Investing in digital records and electronic communication can help you save money on paper, ink and postage, time, and even lives. As your patients become more comfortable with the technology, they can manage their health care. In addition to saving on logistical costs, it also makes it easier for your practice to communicate with patients and other medical practices, especially in cases of medical emergencies. Here’s what you can do:

1. Share digitally with doctors and hospitals

Using electronic records to share information with other doctors or hospitals when a patient needs additional care outside your regular office hours can be vital if a patient needs surgery or another procedure at an Emergency Department.

2. Share claims for medical insurance

Conveniently collect your practice payments without touching paper! Share payment records with the insurance company for client claims. Channeling communications with insurance companies will reduce time spent dealing directly with them, as well as eliminate any errors related to paperwork!

#2. Install An Eco-Friendly Heating System.

If you use a heating system that runs throughout the year, it’s best to ensure it is as efficient and eco-friendly as possible. A heat pump is an excellent option for heating a building, as it uses less energy than conventional systems. Heat pumps are also more efficient than electric resistance heating (which uses more electricity), and are better for the environment than gas furnaces (which release carbon dioxide). Heat pumps can be used year-round for cooling and heating by turning off the outdoor compressor when temperatures get too high or switching from cooling to a heating mode in winter.

#3. Replace The Light Bulbs

Light the way with an environmentally-friendly LED or CFL light bulb alternative. LED bulbs are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and are free of toxic mercury. In addition to saving on electricity costs and improving the environment, LED bulbs last longer than traditional bulbs.

#4. Create a Recycling Program For Your Office.

When it comes to recycling, many medical practices support less environmentally friendly electricity practices. As medicine evolves, there are some simple ways to also evolve your medical practice into a more eco-friendly and sustainably progressive operation. Implementing a recycling program will cause you to consider which materials you dispose of daily can be recycled in your practice, and the answer may surprise you! According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), paper towels and tissues are some of the most frequently wasted items in medical offices. When thrown away, these products can be recycled if clean and dry. It’s also important to know what can’t be recycled, which includes items like plastic bags, which contaminate other recyclables, or food waste, which attracts pests. By setting up bins around the office, your staff will be more conscious when disposing of trash, and your patients will appreciate your environmentally friendly approach. Create easy ways for people who visit your offices every day to join the recycling revolution. Whether patients visit for scheduled appointments or are just passing through—we can help our environment without even trying. 

#5. Install a Water Conservation System.

Installing a water conservation system is one of the most effective ways to reduce the amount of water used in your office. This can include replacing older toilets, faucets, and showerheads with newer models that use less water.  You could also install low-flow taps or dual-flush toilets. Consider adding an automatic sink shutoff device or faucet aerator on all sinks used by patients and staff.

#6. Create a Healthy Workplace Environment.

Creating a healthy workplace environment is extremely valuable in making your medical practice eco-friendly. It’s easy to forget that the chemicals you use on your patients, or the products you use to clean your office, can be harmful and toxic. Avoid using harsh chemicals by switching to natural disinfectants like vinegar or lemon juice—both are great for killing germs without negatively affecting the environment! The easiest way to go green when it comes to cleaning is by using eco-friendly cleaning products; there are plenty of brands out there that are top quality and environmentally friendly.


If you’re ready to make your medical practice more sustainable, there are many ways. The tips we mentioned will substantially contribute to a healthier office, environment, and world.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and data in these publications are solely those of the individual authors and contributors, not Credihealth and the editor(s). 

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