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The immune system, Immunity, the body’s fighting mechanism, the body’s defense system, etc., all got to hear these terms quite often in the phase when we were at the pandemic’s peak. Naturally, these terms made much more sense to us after COVID-19, and now people are more considerate and aware of their health and actually make efforts to live a healthy life and are making changes in their lifestyles too. From making changes to their diet to being more physically active, there are a lot of changes that we are observing in society nowadays. But what is the immune system? The immune system is a set of organs and cells that help to protect the body from external pathogens and toxins. The immune system’s main function is to defend the body against disease-causing agents. It can fail when it lets a pathogen attack the body, thereby causing disease. People are adapting to new ideas, from healthy milkshakes to diets, but they are unaware that some foods that weaken immune system and the items they consume are putting all their efforts down the drain. These ingredients are very common, and we all use them daily. A well-balanced diet helps to build a stronger immune system. Highly processed foods, artificial colors, etc., do the opposite.

7 Foods that Weaken Immune System-



Whenever a person starts dieting, the first thing he/she does is cut down on sugar. Sugary food products may please our sweet tooth, but it has health risks associated with the immune system. Any food that raises blood sugar increases the production of proteins associated with inflammation, like Tumor necrosis factor (TNF), C reactive protein (CRP), and interleukin. These are all signaling molecules that trigger inflammation and thereby lead to a false immune response since there was no pathogenic entry here. High sugar content in the blood can impair the functioning of immune cells like phagocytes and neutrophils, the first cells to arrive at the site of infection. High sugar levels can also lead to an imbalance of gut bacteria, making a person more susceptible to infection. Diets high in sugar can trigger certain autoimmune diseases too. Some studies directly linked high sugar intake with the improper working of the immune system. Hence, one should limit the intake of sugary foods.

Salty food:

7 Foods that Weaken Immune System
Foods that Weaken Immune System

One might think that if not sweet, they can have salty food, which would not affect the immune system. Well, it does affect the immune system. Like sugary products, salty products like chips and junk fast foods trigger inflammation and the risk of autoimmune disorders. Salt increases blood pressure levels and thus interferes with normal immune function, reducing the anti-inflammatory response and thus tampering with the activity of the immune system.

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Fried food:

7 Foods that Weaken Immune System
Foods that Weaken Immune System

Next on the list is fried foods. Fried foods are rich in advanced glycation end products, which are known to disturb the normal functioning of the immune system by disrupting the body’s antioxidant mechanism and promoting inflammatory factors leading to inflammation. Consuming food rich in advanced glycation end products increases the risk of cancer and heart disease. Hence, one should try to avoid fried foods. Nowadays, modern methods of Cooking avoid the concept of frying; instead, air frying or baking is done, considerably reducing the risk of developing any issues mentioned above.

Processed foods:

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Foods that Weaken Immune System

With the advancement in food preservation and transportation, the concept of processed foods is trending these days. Processed food is rich in saturated fats, which is unhealthy for the body as it increases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular problems. The diet is rich in saturated fatty acids but low in unsaturated fatty acids, which leads to immune system dysfunction.

Fast food:

pav bhaji is fast food dish from india consisting thick vegetable curry served with soft bread roll

Fast food, though we crave it, has been associated with negative health outcomes and frequent fast food consumption affects the immune system. High consumption of fast food causes an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, leading to gastrointestinal problems and, eventually, the immune system. Fast foods may also contain a group of chemicals called Phthalates which can enter the food during packaging or when making food by wearing plastic gloves. Phthalates severely disrupt the body’s endocrine system and increase inflammation, weakening the immune system and causing dysregulation.

Highly refined carbohydrates:

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Highly refined carbohydrates are high in the glycemic index, which causes an increase in blood sugar and insulin levels, leading to increased production of free radicals and inflammatory proteins like C reactive protein (CRP). One should select more nutritious carbohydrate sources like starchy vegetables and fruits instead of refined carbs.

Artificial sweeteners:

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Artificial sweeteners are used in place of normal sugar for people who have diabetes or want to reduce side effects due to sugar. But these sweeteners tend to increase inflammation in the gut, causing gut microbiota imbalance and leading to problems with the immune system.

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Final words – 

In conclusion, we can say that there are a lot of ingredients that suppress the immune system and cause negative effects on health. Hence one should try to avoid these items and switch to healthy alternative sources of food ingredients. Immune system boosters are also in trend these days. Immune system boosters include citrus fruits like oranges, limes, and lemons. Another option is garlic, which boosts the immune system and lowers blood pressure. Ginger decreases pain and has cholesterol-lowering properties. Turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory remedy to treat many disorders. There should be enough knowledge that needs to be spread regarding the ill effects of these food ingredients and how these are affecting the health of an individual. One should limit beverages and foods that contain high amounts of salt and sugar, processed foods, and fried foods, which adversely affect the body’s immune system because, after all, “Health is wealth.”

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