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People find all sorts of things scary. From clowns to cats, germs to clusters of tiny little holes. But what do you do if you are scared of smiling? The Adult Dental Health Survey, completed in 2019, found that 6% or nearly 4 million adults in the UK have no teeth whatsoever, and the average number of teeth lost by adults surveyed was 14- nearly half the number of total adult teeth. These factors can create a lack of smile confidence. When low in smile confidence, people will avoid smiling, they may cover their mouths when talking, and even avoid going out altogether. But what is the solution to mass tooth loss and low smile confidence? Can we do better than painful plastic dentures? 

Stopping years of low confidence 

Research from Bupa Dental Care found that over a third of UK adults aren’t happy with their smiles 

  • 27% avoid showing their teeth when they smile
  • 22% avoid having their photo taken
  • 18% feel the need to put their hand over their mouth when smiling.

These are all symptoms of low smile confidence. Whether caused by poor dental hygiene, dental trauma, or a mix of the two, our bad teeth are causing the nation to smile less. This goes on to affect their mental health, which can result in further dental degradation for several reasons, including: 

  • Neglect – those with poor mental health might abandon their dental hygiene routines 
  • Anxiety – avoiding dentists can stem from dental phobias. 
  • Eating disorders – actions and poor diet associated with eating disorders can result in tooth degradation. 
  • Brushing skills – some conditions result in over-brushing which removes essential enamel.
  • Medication – some side effects can reduce overall mouth health which goes on to impact teeth and gums. 

All-on-four solution

Patients who seek solutions for mass tooth loss often assume that their only options are complete or partial dentures. These are often left unworn due to discomfort or embarrassment, meaning that the patient is left with no teeth and cannot enjoy life the way they used to. However, advances in dental technology mean that you can now benefit from complete smile restoration, using just four anchor screws and a few hours. The EvoSolution is an advanced alternative to the normal all-on-four treatment. This utilizes a one-piece, full-jaw prosthetic bridge, designed for those with low bone levels and severe tooth loss. The EvoSolution allows for a reduction in the number of implants needed and rapidly reduces healing and implant time. It follows the concept that instead of tens of screws positioned throughout the mouth to replace individual lost teeth, the entire dental bridge can be fitted with only four cleverly positioned screws. This allows for the prosthetics to be fitted the same day, allowing for the generation of complete smiles months faster than previous methods allowed. Giving the look and feel of original teeth, allowing patients to smile, eat, and socialize with confidence!

All-on-four implants and the EvoSolution advanced alternative

The EvoDental all-on-four EvoSolution implants are made from a revolutionary three-piece system that layers onto one another to completely replace multiple missing teeth. Four titanium screws are positioned into the jaw, removing the roots of the missing or damaged tooth. An abutment, made of titanium or zirconia ceramic is then placed on top of the screw to attach the prosthetic tooth, sometimes called a crown, onto. Finally, an overlying crown, made of usually a metal, a ceramic, or a mix of the two, is attached over the top, replacing the absent teeth.  This unique, ground-breaking solution allows for a full set of upper or lower teeth to be fitted on the same day, without the traditional delay for healing time, in which time patients would have been left with no teeth whatsoever.  A true smile in a day procedure! 

Your solution to a smile in a day

The experts at EvoDental have developed an innovative and progressive solution to the scary and often anxiety-inducing problem of mass tooth loss. The all-on-four EvoSolution provides the perfect prescription for rectifying your loss of smile confidence in the shortest time possible. Making patients’ cameras ready in as little as a day and allowing them to be themselves again. 

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