Baby Bangs Is a Look I Never Thought I’d See On Katie Holmes — See Photos

Joey Potter, is that you? Katie Holmes just stepped out in New York City with a fashion-forward hairstyle I never thought I’d see on the Dawson’s Creek icon: slicked-down baby bangs.

Holmes was spotted at the Tom Ford show at New York Fashion Week with her dark hair styled with shiny, side-swept baby bangs that clung to her forehead and gave her an edgy, sophisticated vibe. Instead of the traditional straight-across, ’50s-inspired bangs that immediately come to mind when you think “baby bangs,” Holmes’s bangs were a choppier, more textured style that was less pinup girl and more runway model — especially when paired with her inky black hooded gown. Because Holmes wore a hood, we can’t see the rest of her hair, but it appears to be a slicked-back, sleek bun or chignon style.

Holmes paired her statement-making baby bangs with a subtle-but-glowing makeup look with a hint of color on her lids, a pretty rose lip, and sculpted cheeks with a peachy blush. Whatever she’s doing to her skin is working because Holmes looks truly radiant; her skin glows against the dark colors of her outfit.

Getty Images

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