BEMER therapy – Start BEMER terápia and improve your microcirculation at home!

Bemer terápia (BEMER therapy) stimulates microcirculation, which makes up 74% of our body. Microcirculation is the most important part of human blood circulation. Without oxygen and nutrients, there is no life, and we cannot expect our body to function normally even if the cells, tissues, and organs of our body cannot get rid of the harmful decomposition products produced during their operation. This task is performed by microcirculation. Microcirculation is a process by which small blood vessels in the body deliver oxygen and nutrients to tissues. BEMER therapy is a simple, easy-to-follow home treatment that is proven to improve microcirculation at the cellular level. You Know that It supplies tissues and organs with oxygen and nutrients which transports waste products, and supports the immune system.

Complementary treatment of vasoconstriction – BEMER terápia

Bemer therapy is usually recommended for the preventive and complementary remedy of diseases and court cases, the basic motive of that’s the disturbing microcirculation because of weak elastic vessel wall movement. BEMER therapy can enhance cell oxygenation, which is helpful for érszűkület (vasoconstriction). Like many things in the human body, blood vessels are also threatened by many dangers. Arteriosclerosis is one of the most common and dangerous forms of vascular damage. In the case of vasoconstriction, the internal diameter of the vessel decreases, as a result of which the amount of blood flowing via it will likely be much less. The functioning of the vascular gadget is the result of the interaction of complex physiological tactics, which can be disturbed by way of many illnesses, harmful conduct, and outside occasions. Damage to the vascular network imparting to the kidneys impairs kidney characteristics. The consequences of negative blood supply are persistent wound healing problems, chronic metabolic sicknesses, and continual pain.

By means of stimulating microcirculation, we can improve our health painlessly and without side effects, in addition, to reducing the danger of great damage to character tissues and organs. Smoking can also damage the condition of our blood vessels. cigarette smoke contains many chemicals that damage the vascular system. As a result of nicotine, the diameter of blood vessels narrows, which reduces the quantity of blood reaching the organs. in case you can’t or do no longer need to prevent smoking, it is critical to pay special attention to your microcirculation.

When the child does not come and microcirculation

Consistent with facts, every sixth couple struggles with the truth that being pregnant no longer arise no matter lengthy attempts. There are infinite medical approaches for the treatment of infertility, similarly to which the possibility of getting pregnant can be elevated with extra methods. Medical data prove that circulatory problems of the reproductive organs can worsen the chances, so techniques that enhance the circulate of small blood vessels, together with bemer therapy, are useful. The manufacturing of gametes is a sensitive technique from the point of view of the balance of metabolism, wherein even a minor problem with regard to the supply of vitamins and oxygen can bring about a disturbance. Medical studies prove that the condition of the reproductive organs is of top importance in phrases of getting pregnant, an important thing of that’s the good enough blood supply. Within the treatment of male infertility, as a supplement to different therapies, enhancing microcirculation can be powerful, because stimulating blood supply to the testicles can improve function, ejaculation, and consequently fertility.

How can restoration be increased after accidents, accidents, or surgical procedures?

Almost every person has suffered some kind of harm in their existence. if the coincidence has already passed off, there’s nothing to do however try and accelerate healing by way of all manners. Even after surgery, the aim is the same, so that the affected man or woman can go back to their previous way of existence as quickly as feasible. whatever the purpose of soft tissue damage or damaged bones, the number one intention is to heal as quickly as feasible and recover as quickly as feasible. to assist with this, in addition to medical interventions, additional methods are also available, including the application of the formerly referred to Bemer remedy, even inside the context of renting a bemer. microcirculation is broken for the duration of injuries and surgical procedures. 

There is a correlation between the fee of microcirculation harm and the severity of submit-harm signs, in addition to the rate, prospects, and effectiveness of restoration. Rapid restoration of microcirculation is vital throughout injury restoration and rehabilitation. biochemical processes are activated because of advanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to cells and tissues, and recovery is improved. Similarly to stimulating microcirculation, bemer remedy can speed up recuperation by means of helping the department of special cells chargeable for bone formation. Improving microcirculation reduces the swelling caused by damage, relieves infection and ache, and enables the absorption of medicines.

Higher lifestyles without fülzúgás (tinnitus) with bemer terápia

Tinnitus is a common complaint that could impair the pleasant existence of several factors. Can bemer therapy assist in this case as properly? From the point of view of tinnitus, it does now not be counted whether or not the blood delivered to the small shape, the cochlea, and the semicircular canals, which are positioned in the inner ear and are answerable for hearing and stability, is ok.

Bemer physical vascular therapy is biorhythmic stimulation of blood vessels, which sends pulses in a precisely described chronological order and creates a magnetic field. With the assistance of the electromagnetic discipline, it triggers the contraction of the muscle cells in the vessel wall by using stimulating them, thereby pumping more blood to the location of ​​the capillaries. Due to extensively higher oxygenation of the cells and tissues, the biochemical processes of the cells are activated, therefore increasing the electricity stage and performance of the whole frame. Bemer physical vascular therapy is biorhythmic stimulation of blood vessels, which sends pulses in a precisely defined chronological order and creates a magnetic subject. As a result of Significantly better oxygenation of the cells and tissues, the biochemical processes of the cells are activated, hence increasing the strength level and overall performance of the whole body. After the usage of the technique for 30 days, the blood distribution inside the capillaries improves by 29%, the venous go with the flow hastens by way by 31%, and the usage of oxygen improves by 29%.

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