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Dark Circles often make you feel older than you are. It may make you feel tired as well as dull. Your skin in that area may look purple, blue, black, or brown, depending on your original skin color. This may occur due to genetics, lack of sleep, pigmentation, and aging. Ultimately, you get prone to comments from people about being sleep-deprived, and the pressure of looking perfect develops automatically. But, you should know that having dark circles is a normal part of human life. Therefore, you must take note of your schedules to ensure proper health care. So, if you’re looking forward to adding plant-based products such as dark circles removal cream to your skin, here’s a list of “Best Dark Circles Removal Creams in India.” 

8 Best Dark Circles Removal Cream in India – 

#1 Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Bio Seaweed Revitalizing Anti-Fatigue Eye Gel

Dermatologists in India have high opinions on “Biotique Advanced Ayurveda Cream” for ensuring a refreshing formula. It can attend to the signs of stress, puffiness, and dark circles. The Cream contains the goodness of Punarnava roots, badam oil, Baheda fruit pulp, and Jaiphal oil. Besides that, this Cream can diminish fine lines disturbing your looks. In addition, it has moisturizing elements like cucumber, honey, and the Chinai Ghas plant. 

Benefits: Unisex product and suitable for all skin types

Price: Rs. 159

Cons: Unpleasant Scent 

#2 Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles

Mamaearth Bye Bye Dark Circles is suitable for all skin types. Besides, it is a premium cream having skin lightening and tightening properties. This product diminishes unwanted dark circles caused by melanin deposits and pollution. Besides that, it nourishes under eye cream with Hawkweed and Daisy extracts which targets the appearance of dark shadows. The dermatologist suggests adding the best under-eye Cream for dark circles to the daily schedule and a balanced diet. 

Benefits: Suitable for all skin types and is travel-friendly

Price: Rs. 399

Cons: Slightly high-priced

#3 Coffee Under Eye Cream

Best under-eye Cream for dark circles relieves dark circles with caffeine. It is specially packed with hyaluronic acid that helps in hydration. Moreover, this under-eye Cream helps in reducing puffiness and fine lines. In addition, it satisfies your skin’s coffee cravings in a good way. Also, the under-eye Cream is gender-neutral and can be used for all skin types.

Benefits: Rich in antioxidants and acts as a skin toner

Price: Rs. 515

Cons: Result in long-term dehydration

#4 The Moms Co. Natural Vita Rich Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles

Dark Circles Removal Cream is enriched with chia seed oil, coffee oil, and vitamins B3 and E. It has organic chamomile oil, which helps in soothing the under-eye region. In addition, it contains the world’s richest source of natural vitamins. The Cream doesn’t contain any chemicals at all. Also, the dark circle’s removal cream restores moisture loss in the under-eye area. 

Benefits: Has Soothing Properties

Price: Rs. 474

Cons: Available only at online stores

#5 Aprifine Apricot Cream for Under Eye Dark Circle

Aprifine Apricot Cream is a herbal cream that promises to refresh sensitive skin around the eyes. Besides, it aids in good moisturizing and softening of the skin. It also has skin-absorbing properties. In addition, the Cream’s almond helps improve complexion and lets you glow. It is the best under-eye Cream for dark circles that delays aging by relieving dry and itching skin. Further to this, it delivers blood circulation while eliminating puffiness. 

Benefits: Prevent fine lines naturally

Price: Rs. 325

Cons: Contains Paraben

#6 Himalayan Herbals Under Eye Cream

Dark Circles Removal Cream

Himalayan Herbal Under Eye Cream is an effective solution for under-eye wrinkles. It plays a vital role in protecting the sensitive area under the skin. After all, it detoxifies and moisturizes the under-eye area. In addition to this, it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, this Cream works well with both genders.

Benefits: Makes eye contour bright and smooth

Price: Rs. 200

Cons: No side effects

#7 Sebamed anti-aging Q10 Lifting Eye Cream 

Dark Circles Removal Cream

The best under-eye Cream for dark circles counteracts premature aging. It is specifically designed for sensitive skin. Besides, it promises 32% wrinkle removal in 28 days. The Sebamed anti-aging under-eye Cream is dermatologically tested. Here, it comes with therapy and supportive skin care.

Benefits: Protects against irritants and allergens

Price: Rs. 684

Cons: Not suitable for all skin types

#8 The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream  

Dark Circles Removal Cream

Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream is loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E used to hydrate the skin. It provides softness and smoothness to the under-eye area. Furthermore, the Cream is enriched with qualities to reduce puffiness. Besides, its gentle massage helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines. 

Benefits: It can go with all skin types

Price: Rs. 995

Cons: It contains a lot of parabens

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5 Benefits of Dark Circle Removal Cream – 

#1 Prevents premature aging

You can use under-eye Cream for your slack-looking, tired and dull skin. Besides, the Cream is packed with antioxidants and moisture-giving properties. This can hide your common signs of aging easily.

#2 Aids in making makeup-ready skin

The recommended Best Dark Removal Cream’sCream’s job is to diminish dark spots and puffiness. It plays a vital role in applying makeup more evenly on the skin. 

#3 Helps in reducing Dark Circles

The dermatologist’s recommendation of natural under-eye Cream is loaded with beneficial botanicals. Therefore, it is widely used to hide discoloration by giving a brightening look. 

#4 Soothes Tired Eyes

It enhances the calming of the under-eye area by hydrating the same. When the puffiness vanishes, you can look good automatically. 

#5 Strengthens and Protects Delicate Skin

Using dark circles removal cream regularly can reduce the risk of irritants attack. In addition, this can provide resilience to that area.

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Does using Dark Circles Removal Cream cause any side effects?

Dark Circles Removal Cream should be taken once every 12 hours to experience its benefits. When you use excess dark circles removal cream too frequently, it may lead to side effects.  

Excess dark circle cream containing mild acids can cause a burning sensation around the eye. Sometimes, a stinging sensation shows that the product is working.

Many individuals may complain of skin peeling after using dark circle removal cream. In addition, make sure to talk to your doctor about the retinol effect.

The Cream for a dark circle can cause hyper and hypopigmentation. However, people may face permanent discoloration from certain under-eye creams.


There are lots of rejuvenating vitamins packed in Dark Circles Removal Cream entirely. Thus, you may enjoy an ample amount of benefits by using this Cream. These benefits include delivering tailor-made hydration, skin tone, and minimizing puffiness. 

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