Bodily Changes Pregnant Women Had To Deal With

As everybody says, pregnancy is one of the beautiful processes. What is more astonishing is that a women’s body undergoes a lot of changes in these nine months to accommodate the baby. These changes include both physical and mental changes. Some of these physical modifications are noticeable, such as extending stomach and gaining weight, while others are well established, such as an enlarged uterus, morning sickness, and back pain. However, some modifications in the body may be unpredictable and shocking.

Body Changes During Pregnancy

When pregnant, women have a lot of doubts like what to eat, when will I start showing I’m pregnant, what should I do to have a normal delivery, etc. Women are always asked to learn about pregnancy and know what to expect as the baby grows. They have to prepare themselves mentally also to embrace the changes and welcome motherhood. Some of the bodily changes that all pregnant women have to face are:

  1. One major change that often surprises some pregnant females is a rise in the volume of the breast. During pregnancy, the breast size of a woman and her bra size may alter several occasions. This is seen by some females as a pleasant change.
  2. A second unforeseen change in the genitals is varicose veins. Women may fear varicose veins in their bodies during pregnancy, but veins close to the vagina and vulva may also swell and generally develop in the third trimester.
  3. Bleeding gums are a prevalent problem of pregnancy and can generate an accessible gateway for diseases. Because the immune system slows down, females are more prone to infection during pregnancy.
  4. A woman may have many good hair days during pregnancy as estrogen level rises the duration of the increasing hair follicle stage often leading to healthier looking hair.
  5. During pregnancy, skin changes are very prevalent, but those that appear to be most disturbing are stretch marks. These rosy, purple lines are typically seen on the abdomen, breasts, back or legs of a woman and appear to itch.
  6. During pregnancy, acne may also worsen or lead to breakouts in females who had clear complexions before pregnancy. Hormonal changes lead to oily skin.
  7. Women’s body temperature might shoot up and feel sweaty, but it depends from person to person. Feeling very cold or pregnancy chills are also possible due to alterations in hormones.
  8. Some females also say that their feet grow during pregnancy, and there may be a rise in growth hormone.
  9. There is also a tendency to coarsening the texture of the nails during pregnancy, rendering them more fragile and softer and easily divide.
  10. Relaxin hormones not only relaxes ligaments in the pelvis of a woman to ready her for labor and delivery but also extend joints and ligaments. This can cause back pain and pain in the sciatic nerve that begins in the lower back and goes through the neck and down the arm.

Knowing all these details will help pregnant women face all the struggles and manage them. To know more about your pregnancy journey visit our pregnancy page

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