Cardi B Is Pride Personified in a Rainbow Dip-Dyed Lob — See Photos

It’s Pride Month, so by now, you’ve probably seen rainbow colors plastered all over stores and on practically everything (even the most ridiculous things, like mouthwash). The overwhelming splatter of those bright hues at times can feel more like a marketing ploy than actual support for all of the LGBTQ community. Though the rainbow fatigue may have already set in  — it surely has for some of us — we have a good feeling that Cardi B’s ROYGBIV dip-dyed lob will renew your appreciation for the multicolored symbol.

The Bronx rapper showed up at the West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade on June 5 looking like a rainbow disco ball in a bedazzled, form-fitting jumpsuit (an apt ensemble for the joyous event, we might add). Her shoulder-grazing hair was a platinum blonde color at the roots and gradually faded into each vibrant hue for a reverse ombré effect. 

From the front, you can immediately spot strawberry-colored hues and a hint of violet peeking out. But once she turned her head you see the full glory of the purple color plus blue and emerald shades. The voluminous curls add dimension to each bright shade, which made the colors look even more seamlessly blended, and a gorgeous bounce to her bob that she surely had fun whipping around during the parade.  

Getty Images

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