“Chin Bangs” Are the New Curtain Bangs for Summer

When you think of summer hairstyles, what comes to mind? You might think of Pamela Anderson‘s iconic blonde waves and defined layers. And while bangs aren’t exactly known as a summer-friendly style — unless you enjoy fringe stuck to your forehead after a sweaty commute — leave it to TikTok to find a hack. So if you’re craving bangs that can stand up to heat, chin bangs are here for the assist. 

This summery style puts the likes of curtain bangs to shame, shifting your hair into a puddle of waves. What it looks like: tendrils that are cut to frame the length of your face and stop just below your chin. The pieces are then curled or coiled per your request and the rest is history. While there are many ways to wear fringe, we think this might be our new favorite, and many celebrities seem to agree, too — Dakota Johnson and Camila Cabello have both repped the look.

Meet the experts:

  • Peter Thomsen, a hairstylist and global Dyson styling ambassador and educator based in Australia.
  • Shane Craig, a hairstylist based in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.
  • Sara Briscoe, a hairstylist and educator at Roca Verde hair studio in Brisbane, Australia.

What are “chin bangs”?

That popularity is unsurprising to Peter Thomsen, a hairstylist based in Australia. “The cut frames the face so well and allows you to add character and personality no matter what length,” he says. “And whether your hair is curly, smooth, or wavy, these bangs are all about shape and creating balance.”


Who should ask for chin bangs? 

Some good news: Stylists say that chin bangs work on nearly every type of face shape. “This trend is a safe segue into bangs if you’re feeling scared to take the plunge,” says Sara Briscoe, a hairstylist at Roca Verde hair studio in Brisbane, Australia. She adds that the look is transitional in nature, which makes it a good starting point for other types of bang styles. 

Since the cut only requires those lengthier side pieces and allows your forehead to breathe (unlike more straight-across looks), Briscoe says that it’s easy to work with and switch up when you want to. “The bangs are easy to get into a ponytail or bun if you’re not feeling them,” she explains. “It’s super beautiful and has a touch of Bardot.”

How do you cut chin bangs?

If you ask Shane Craig, a hairstylist who works in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho, for chin bangs, he’ll start by moving your hair around with his hands in order to find the length that best suits your face shape. “After we decide to keep the bangs around chin length, I usually comb all the hair that could potentially become bangs around to try and find a natural split and part,” he says. Finding a part that perfectly frames your face ultimately keeps the hair from falling out of place on the style is dried. 

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