Common IVF Mistakes Couples Make During The Process

It is human fallibility to make mistakes. But some mistakes can not only be costly, but disheartening too. Blunders in infertility treatments (IVF mistakes) can be more than just by chance. Emotions like feeling overwhelmed, anxious and scared, are marked on the faces of the parents undergoing these treatments. 

One of the most common remedies for infertility, IVF, is also not spared from this situation. Mistakes are an inevitable part of the process. However, you do not have to be committed to making some of these errors. 

This week on KnowIVF, we will explain to you some common IVF mistakes that you should avoid during your In-vitro fertilisation treatment. Read on and remember the drill.

Common Mistakes that Couples Make During IVF – IVF Mistakes

You do not have to lend a room to the faults other couples make. It is wise to learn from the experiences of others and employ the lessons practically. We have compiled a list of typical mistakes (Common IVF mistakes) couples make whilst pursuing IVF treatments.

1. Not keeping calm

It is no news that IVF is mentally and physically exhausting. It is a different realm that you and your partner enter. No wonder the process is stressful. But couples tend to increase the count of discomfort during the journey. This added stress is harmful, as it directly impacts your medical results.

Instead of worrying what is, what should be and what will be, try to channelise your mind towards staying calm. Stay away from tension and practice yoga as well as meditation to help you ease.

2. Giving way to toxic positivity

Being positive should be a way of life. But despite what your Instagram feed says, nobody can be positive, strong and happy at all times. Enforcing yourself to stay optimistic through every situation, is a manner of indulging in toxic positivity. This pattern leads to unrealistic expectations and a state of denial that concludes in heartbreak.

IVF is more science than a miracle. So instead of reciting the mantra of positivity, be informed and aware. Remain neutral towards massive emotions. Learn the pros and cons of the treatment and try to stay impartial towards yourself.

3. Resting throughout the process

We have already stated that IVF is physically taxing. But this does not imply that you have to rest completely throughout the process. Staying idle, lying in bed and waiting for results also leads to making space for unwanted thoughts. We are not suggesting that you should exert. Maintaining balance is the key. Give your body the rest it needs and then continue your day as usual.

4. Being messy with IVF routines

It is okay to have an unorganised almirah, but not an unorganised routine, especially when it comes to IVF. If you tend to forget where you keep your things, being organised in advance is the answer. You should avoid missing your doctors’ visits. Also, try not to run out of medications and do not wait until the last minute to stock them back.

All these tips may not sound so extreme but their consequences can be costly. It can also make you tense unnecessarily. Saying that IVF is a colossal event would be an understatement. So, try to be as organised as possible about your life.

5. Not safekeeping a Plan B

What results of IVF are on your cards cannot be known until the last minute. This tip is practically applicable to every decision you make in your life. It’s proximity only increases when it comes to In-vitro fertilisation.

Your Plan B can be anything that keeps you healthy and happy. It could be another IVF cycle, adoption, another fertility treatment, a vacation or writing a book. If you do not wish to madden yourself with the dilemma of ‘Oh! What should I do now!’, it is safe to plan another a backup plan in place.

6. Trusting Google more than your doctor

It is not up for debate that google is both a boon and a bane. While the internet has provided numerous possibilities, it has already led to the exploitation of knowledge and resources. Couples are drawn towards googling the answers for all their problems related to IVF.

Though credible sources of medical information like Credihealth, do not degrade your research, there are certain areas on the web that do. It has been seen as a trend that couples compare the results and keep track of their IVF cycles with others on the internet. It is to be understood that everyone is different. Weighing your chances with others will do you no good. If you have any questions, ask your doctor straight away.

7. Waiting too long to opt for IVF

One of the most common mistakes women (or couples) make is wait. It is a misguided belief that women should wait until 35 years of age to seek IVF treatment for best results. In the younger years, it is considered that women would rather be experimenting with their bodies.
However, it is not true. It is, in fact, and medically, the opposite. Higher the number of candles on your birthday cake, lesser the chances of successful IVF. IVF treatments are based on the condition that led to infertility, while age plays a minor role. Talk to your specialist about the right time for you to try IVF.


In-vitro fertilisation does not come with a guarantee card. It works differently for every couple depending on their circumstances, infertility issues, overall health and more. However, avoiding the above-mentioned IVF mistakes during the process can boost your chances of conceiving a baby.

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