Department Of Critical Care Medicine at Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai

For any hospital, the critical care department is one of the most important departments. Reliance Hospital, Navi Mumbai has one of the best critical care departments in the city. They accommodate 41 multifunctional critical care beds. Each cubicle is spread across an average area of over 100 sq ft. The hospital has a robust team of experienced and skilled doctors.

For experts get support from well-trained nursing teams, who specialize in critical care services. The hospital staff and the infrastructure is fully equipped to handle the diagnosis and management of critical and near-fatal situations.

The Hospital has its Policies and Protocols which includes:

Admission And Discharge Criteria: Reliance Hospital has a predefined admission and discharges Criteria, according to which they select the patient for ICU. Once the patient is out of danger, the hospital staff shifts them out of the ICU to another room.

Hospital Infection Control Policies: The ICU is the forerunner in implementing the HIC policies in an attempt to keep various hospital-acquired infection (HAI) rates below international standards.

Antibiotics Stewardship Programme: Reliance Hospital is committed to the rational use of antibiotics to reduce the menace of antibiotic resistance. This way, they reduce the burden of MDR infections and their associated costs and mortality.

Nutritional Protocol: They have well-trained clinicians who fulfil the needs of patients suffering from various degrees of malnutrition.

End Of Life Care Policy: The patients who suffer from the terminal and irreversible diseases, where the futility of aggressive care is established, care is redirected to comfort the patient. Palliative care is provided, in consultation with the family.

Disease-Specific Protocols: These protocols cover various common emergencies like stroke and septic shock, where timely intervention has improved the patient’s health.

Reliance hospital offers various services and treatments under this department. This includes:

Subunits Under Critical Care Unit

The critical care unit includes the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of clinical problems representing the extreme of human disease. Reliance Hospital has the best critical care specialists who take care of patients. The critical care unit has sub-units, that includes:

  • Surgical/postoperative Intensive Care Unit (SICU)
  • Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
  • Coronary Care Unit (CCU)

The ICU Offers

The ICUs at Reliance hospital are equipped with modern technologies. They feature:

  • 41 ICU beds
  • Level III ICU
  • ICU isolation rooms with positive and negative pressure
  • Drywall between ICU cubicles; it is a physical barrier to combat cross infection
  • Bedhead panels
  • Electrical multifunctional beds
  • Central ICU monitoring system
  • Nurse-on-call systems, with two-way communication
  • Dialysis facility for up to 40 per cent of ICU beds

Technologies available at Reliance Hospital

  • Dedicated imaging machines for sonography, 2-D Echo and X-ray available bedside, that help minimize the time taken for diagnosis and significantly reduces procedure-related errors
  • Haemodialysis machines with portable reverse osmosis (RO) machines that allow dialysis without shifting the patient to another bed or department
  • Latest ventilators and monitors
  • Central monitoring systems
  • IABP machine


In the above post, we have tried to explain the Critical Care Department at Reliance Hospital, Mumbai. The hospital believes that every life matters. They have established a strong and effective critical care department to help people suffering from serious conditions. They offer the international standards of healthcare to every patient, at any point in time.

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Reliance hospital, navi mumbai

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Reliance Hospital is a multispeciality hospital with a capacity of 300 bed. It is a multispecialty centre that offers 38 speciality department under one roof. This hospital aims to provide the best health and hope for the community.

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