Gabrielle Union’s Chunky Cornrows Fall All the Way Down to Her Knees — See Photos

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Union has always had luminous skin, but makeup artist Esther Edeme has managed to amp up her glow. Edeme kept this beat on the natural side, so you can’t spot a single steak or indication that there is any other makeup there — other than her perfectly styled brows, fluttery lashes, and glossy lips. She let Union’s radiant skin do all the talking.

It’s no secret that we are big fans of Union, especially each and every hairstyle she shows off. The possibilities truly seem endless for the Cheaper by the Dozen star who manages to not only make our jaws drop every time she leaves the house, but also provides some creative hair inspiration. For example, the very day after these photos were taken, her chunky cornrows were replaced with a slicked-back low ponytail that ends in a kinky pouf — somehow I’m getting wrecking ball and ornament vibes in the best way possible. 

In just two days, Union proved her versatility is something to be observed and also showed us all why your baby hairs don’t always need to be laid to the gods. Sometimes it’s fine to just embrace the frizz.

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