Grown To The Size Of Cauliflower

Finally, the second trimester is over. It’s the 27th week of pregnancy. After a few months, your newborn will be in your arms. Just imagine, the one you have been waiting for will be in your arms. Yes, just a few months more to go. So let’s discuss the baby’s growth in 27th week of pregnancy. Along with this, we will also discuss the options for 27 weeks pregnant mother care.

Baby Growth in 27th Week of Pregnancy

The baby is now of around 35-40 cms and weighs approximately 900 grams. Your baby is now the size of a cauliflower. He might have started opening the eyelids and is growing more quickly.

In the 27th week of pregnancy, the baby will continue to develop and the movements may be more alarming. This is the first week of the third trimester and the baby will look like a smaller version of what they will look like at the time of delivery.

Talking about baby growth, in the 27th week of pregnancy, the body parts of the baby develop. His lungs and nervous system will keep on maturing. Now the baby is getting prepared to survive outside the womb.

The baby started moving from the second trimester. But now you can track his/her movement. If the movement of the baby decreases, consult the midwife immediately. This could lead to some serious problems.

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Symptoms in 27 Weeks Pregnant Women

As the baby grows, your baby bump will also keep on growing. This is because the baby is making space for himself. The 27 weeks pregnant women can also experience changes in their breasts. The dark part of the breast surrounding the nipple will get darker. This is the natural way of visually directing the baby towards the feed.

A 27 week pregnant woman may experience an increase in appetite. Mood swings are not new but they’re still hard to cope with and are very normal by now. What you need to do is just pamper yourself and give yourself some self-care. Your partner should be more active and helpful these days.

Do you feel constipated these days? This could be because of Progesterone. Progesterone is a key pregnancy hormone that slows down your bowels and leads to constipation. Try to drink more and more water and try to include more fibre-rich foods in your diet.

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What to do?

The mother may also have symptoms like mental and physical exhaustion, shortness of breath, backaches, heartburn, swelling of the ankles, fingers or face and trouble sleeping. These are common during pregnancy, so do not worry.

To overcome these symptoms, you can do the following:

  • Maintain a balanced diet
  • Avoid having liquids in the evening
  • Maintain a routine sleep schedule
  • Exercise and stretch

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The gap between your delivery and now is reducing. So start thinking about where you would like to give birth. It’s time to prepare yourself for every situation.

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