How the June 14 Strawberry Supermoon Will Impact You Astrologically

New moons are when we plan, plant (literally or figuratively), and manifest; this is why I chose to get married on a new moon, not a full moon.

Full moons, on the other hand, are when the things we have planted bloom. It is the culmination and release of the energy so it is a wonderful time to say goodbye to what no longer serves you — be it a habit, a relationship (though we don’t always get a choice on that one), or worn-out objects. It is also a time of revelation filled with merriment, fun, and partying.

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An easy way to remember the symbolism of new and full moons is by thinking back many, many years ago to a time without electricity. New moons are when the sky is almost completely dark; stargazing may have offered some directional information, but no meaningful light. There was a mystery and even a bit of a danger to the world. Early humans had to be careful and cautious. Full moons, on the other hand, being larger and more massive to the naked eye than the brightest star in the sky, give off so much light that they were often times when groups would gather for celebration and ritual. My astrology teacher Anne Ortelee once said that “full moons are also a time when secrets are revealed and everyone will see that couple canoodling in the bushes.” As such, we often get new information on a full moon.

How Neptune will impact the June 14 full moon

So, what’s the deal with the full moon arriving on June 14, astrologically speaking? This particular full moon is in Sagittarius, a sign that wants to understand great questions — and to have fun while doing it. In short, this full moon wants us to kick back, let our hair down, and ponder the cosmos. But when we observe our nearest neighbor, this lit-up ball of wonder in the sky, we look not only at the sign its in but how it is interacting with other planets as well; astrologers call these aspects.

The Sag full moon, which yearns for truth and revelation, is making a square angle to Neptune, the planet of fantasy, illusion, and dreams, in Pisces, its own sign. Neptune is a wonderful planet, as it brings divinely inspired creativity: music, art, and film are all ruled by Neptune. But when it is making a square, it can be a frustrating and confusing energy, as it may obfuscate the truth. (We all love watching a great film, for instance, but few want to live in a fantasy world 24/7. How would we get anything done?) The irony here is that we have a full moon that wants us to know and a Neptune that wants us to be comfortable with the unknown.

How to let yourself go, according to an astrologer

The best way to work with this energy is to let yourself just be. Give in to the Neptunian dreaminess, the unknown, and the uncertainty of life. We live in a culture of doing, achieving, and action. (A big thank-you is in order for Wild Power: Discover the Magic of Your Menstrual Cycle and Awaken the Feminine Path to Power for teaching me that this is our current culture and not an absolute given in life.) The Sagittarius full moon will also make a weak trine at an approximate 120° angle with Mars (planet of action) and Jupiter (planet of expansion). This will give the illusion, a Neptunian word, that this is a marvelous time to get down to business as we get a surge of go-getter energy from these two planets in Aries; let the energy course within you and just be. Sometimes, you can hold onto energy; you don’t always need to do something with it. (Another life-changing lesson learned from Wild Power.)

Whatever you are doing on June 13, 14, and 15, let it be Neptunian — that is, allow it to be incomplete, imperfect, foggy, perhaps a little unclear. Make loose, hopeful plans, whether that means showing up to a sold-out show that you may or may not get into (but desperately want to see) or take an impromptu road trip with a friend, partner, or even alone without making a sure-fire plan of what it’ll entail.

If you already have a spiritual practice or creative practice, this is a great time for that. Meditation, journaling, drawing, writing poetry and fiction, taking a walk, or even experimenting with a little more color than you’re used to. In its lower expression, Neptune draw us towards escapism, fantasy, and addiction, so while you may be drawn to just zone out and block out the world, if you accept the uncertainty, you might get some quiet Sagittarius full moon wisdom.

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