How to Avoid Skin Problems While Traveling

When you’re traveling, you’re probably not focused too heavily on skin health. However, that means that it’s extremely common to actually experience skin problems during your travels. If you’re concerned about skin problems while traveling, there are a number of options available to you. Here are a few elements of travel that might impact your skin problems, as well as some tips on fixing them.

●    Stress

The stress of planning a trip, getting ready to go, and actually going through with the trip itself can be very damaging to your skin. Your skin is very sensitive to changes in stress, and that means any time you’re going through a stressful situation, you may see negative skin impacts. While stress is certainly not unavoidable, you can reduce its impact by intentionally taking breaks, delegating as many tasks as possible, and taking a slightly more easygoing approach.

●    Changing Climate

This is most prominent if you’re traveling a significant amount of distance. If you’re going from New York City to Los Angeles, for example, you’re going to notice significantly different temperatures, different amounts of humidity, and different wind speeds. The rapid change can be difficult for your skin to adjust to, which can cause skin issues. Load up on specific skincare products meant for different climates.

●    Different Types of Water

It’s common for water to have different hardness levels in different cities and states. What makes water “hard” or “soft” has to do with the minerals and pH levels of the water, and that can actually impact your skin health, especially if you’re going to a city with harder water. While you typically won’t be able to treat all the water you use for skincare in a new city, you can consider adding skincare products that help with these water-related problems.

●    Routine Changes

It’s very common for your skincare routine to change due to a trip you’re taking. Whether it’s because you just don’t have all the right products in travel size, because you forget to take the products, or even because you don’t have space to take all the products you usually use at home, routine changes can have a negative impact on your skin health. A good way to combat this is to use an Ulta coupon to purchase travel-size products. Not only can you bring those products with you, but once they’re gone, you may be able to refill the travel-size containers.


Skin problems while traveling are nothing new, and it’s very common to experience them when you’re going to a new location. However, there are ways that you can avoid skin damage while traveling and keep your skin looking great the whole time. You can use these pointers to avoid skin damage and make sure you don’t really have to worry about skin problems on your next vacation.

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