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Have you ever thought that there is one solution that has the potential of preventing a wide variety of health problems and even to aid in curing some of them? This solution is effective and, more important, completely natural and conducted through processes that naturally occur in your body: hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)?

HBOT is a method that involves offering the cells and the tissues in the body an increased amount of oxygen under increased pressure. This increase in the oxygen volume promotes the blood flow throughout all the structures of the body, which results in intensifying the natural processes of regeneration that occur within all the organs (heart, brain, lungs, liver, kidneys etc). More than that, an increase amount of oxygen results in more nutrients for the structures of the human organism, which translates in better functions that promote healing and prevention of illness.

New Methods for At-Home HBOT

OxyHelp Chambers the most advanced prevention HBOT chambers existent on the market, especially in the home use category. These innovative devices are designed for both personal and professional use, as they are user-friendly and suitable for multiple purposes. From beauty salons to gyms, OxyHelp Chambers can be the cutting-edge technology device in preventing, or even aiding in the treatment of various conditions.

How do OxyHelp Chambers work?

OxyHelp Chambers are certified non-medical devices where the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is conducted. Perfectly isolated through its hard shell, the quiet chamber is sealed and the pressure inside starts to increase according to the protocol selected by the user. Its interior is made of anti-bacterial, leather-like material and the comfort is ensured by the resin fibre loops of the mattress and pillows, which also ensures an even ventilation throughout the entire process. The innovation relies on the microprocessor which automatically coordinates the pressure fluctuation and keeps it at the level the user selected. Compared to a manual system, this automatic one manages to keep a permanent control over the parameters of the process, avoiding the risks of overpressure. Additionally, the high-pressure gas inside the chambers is air and through the medical-grade tubing and a mask, the user can receive highly purified oxygen, up to 95% purity.

How can you use OxyHelp Chambers?

The entire selection of OxyHelp chambers can be used in multiple prevention and recovery purposes. 

One of the most encountered motives of sports absence is the long post-injury recovery period. Multiple professional or amateur sport players are known to lose their physical conditions due to sprains, cuts, contusions or even worse: cartilage damage or fractures. However, OxyHelp Chambers help in accelerating naturally the healing process of the body through increasing the oxygen transportation at the damaged tissues and structures. Even in the case of minor injuries, it helps in reducing local inflammation and edema, the fatigue of muscles and the formation of scar tissue.

But physical performance is not the only area where strength and ability are needed in sports. Studies1, 2 show that mental clarity and mental endurance are two of the most important abilities that a sports player can leverage. Through OxyHelp Chambers and their protocol designed for sports, the oxygen flow also reaches the brain, which translates in enhanced brain performance. This includes clarity, focus and multitasking abilities. 

It is widely known that oxygen is one of the best adjuvants in the beauty industry. Its properties are being imitated through various chemical substances that exist in various products. By increasing the oxygen transport at cellular lever, HBOT therapy promotes the formation of new collagen cells and the re-generation of the skin, through nutrients supply3. The cutting-edge technology of OxyHelp Chambers allows the oxygen to be delivered directly to the skin, enhancing its youthful appearance, elasticity and smoothness. 

Everyone’s desire is to be able to look and feel young for as long as possible. In this sense, the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is scientifically proven to be effective in fighting oxidative stress, which is known as the main reason of aging. OxyHelp Chambers have multiple diverse protocols that prevent and actively fight aging, promoting rapid regeneration through increased nutrients supply. 

How safe are OxyHelp Chambers for home use?

OxyHelp Chambers are one of the safest devices designed for both professional and personal use. Whether it is a gym or a guest room, both mono- and multiplace chambers are perfectly fit to use by individuals, beauty salons or spas and wellness centres. The absence of oxygen cylinders reduces considerably the risk of explosion. With the help of the mirror-control system, where the user can continuously monitor and adjust the parameters of the device, a permanent control is attained. Also, the depressurization in case of emergency stop takes place in 40 seconds. What is more, the chamber is sensitive to power failures, acting by decreasing the pressure and automatically opening the door of the device, which makes another strong point in terms of safety. The most important safety feature is that the chamber is pressurised with air instead of pure oxygen and the oxygen is delivered to users thru tubing connected to oxygen concentrators placed outside the chamber.

Finally, what are the top reasons to own an OxyHelp Chamber?

Besides from the multiple advantages in terms of health, prevention and recovery of multiple structures of the body, OxyHelp Chambers are perfectly fit to be used at home. These non-medical certified devices represent a novel protocol of therapy that uses solely one natural and organic ingredient: oxygen. 

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