How to Keep Safe in This Deadly Smog

Since a day after Diwali, the country is suffocating under a thick layer of smog. It’s been nearly two weeks since Diwali, and Delhi is still suffocating under a thick, toxic layer of smog. With the increasing air pollution, smog is a common site in North India, particularly during winters. But this year the onset of smog was well before the onset of winters. A combination of burning of crackers during Diwali and the wheat harvest season in Punjab and Haryana, along with the incoming winter, has led to the rise of PM levels in the already poor air.

The levels of air pollution are already 17 times more than the Government of India prescribed levels, while it is 90 times more than the WHO specified levels. If you are a victim of the smog, feeling the toxic gas around you and the particulate matter seeping into your lungs, here are some effective steps that offer relief :   

  1. Inhale Eucalyptus oil or camphor: It helps clear nasal congestion and removes pollution from the respiratory tract.
  2. Eat foods rich in Vitamin C: Citrus foods help boost the body’s immunity. They thus prevent pollution from causing illness in a healthy body.
  3. Don’t burn leaves or garbage: Leaves and garbage should not be burnt in the open. Particularly items with plastic components should not be burnt and should rather be recycled as they release huge amounts of pollutants on burning.
  4. Indoor plants can work as natural air purifiers: Green plants like Boston Fern, Devil’s Ivy and Spider Plant clean the air around and thus help purify the air indoors.
  5. Try carpooling: Don’t add on to the pollution by using a separate vehicle for each member of the family. Instead try pooling cars or using public transport. This will help bring down the pollution levels.
  6. No smoking: Smoking aggravates the already lung problems. In addition to pollution, smoking acts as a catalyst in degrading health. Read more to know Why Should I Quit Smoking?

Follow these simple steps to survive the smog!


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