Is Millie Bobby Brown Blonde Now, or Are We Just Seeing Things? — See Photo

Millie Bobby Brown isn’t one to shy away from exploring new hairstyles. We’ve seen her in a Winona-Ryder style bob, blunt bangs, and a highlighted lob since she attained fame at the age of twelve. In the past few months, though, she’s stuck to her natural dark brown hair color in a variety of lengths… until now. Did she just leave her signature color for something brighter?

The Stranger Things actor posted a short video to her Instagram story the morning of April 14, in which she’s makeup-free with skin so clear it’s worthy of making an Allure editor jealous. She’s using what looks to be her makeup brand Florence by Mills’s Look Alive Eye Balm. Squirting a bit of the balm under her eyes, Brown demonstrates how she uses her product to help depuff her eyes in the morning. She encourages her followers to “rejuvenate.”

But what we’re fixated on is her hair — it’s bob-length with wispy, front-facing bangs, and get this: it’s blonde. Given the nature of the snapshot (it was posted in the morning and doesn’t appear to have been taken on a set of any kind), we believe that this is her real dyed hair, and we’re speculating that it was probably colored pretty recently.


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