K-Pop Girl Group (G)I-DLE Reveals Favorite Beauty Moments from 2018 Debut to “Tomboy” | Interview

Speaking of Minnie, budding fashionista that she is, she spotlights the hot-pink outfit she wore in the music video and subsequent live performances. Her long, pin-straight hair, which has been bleached blonde on the bottom half, is worthy of heart emojis as well. I personally think that Minnie’s look suits the “Tomboy” concept to a T, and I can only aspire to pull off blunt, below-the-brow bangs as effortlessly as she does.

“A lot of my opinions went into [my looks], and I had many discussions with the makeup and styling teams,” she reveals, highlighting the mutually constructive relationship between the members and their makeup and styling teams. Like Yuqi, Minnie is also particularly interested in fashion these days, but she goes ahead and details two trends she’s especially into: low-waist jeans and hard Croc sandles. (You won’t find this writer harkening back to her pre-college, low-waist days, but I respect it.)


Courtesy of Cube Entertainment / (G)I-DLE

As someone who typically sticks to darker hair colors, Miyeon is fully embracing the blonde streaks she took on for “Tomboy.” (Spoiler alert: She’s taking the blonde look a step further with her solo debut.) “The hairstyle and overall look suited ‘Tomboy,’ which is a song expressing freedom,” she explains. There’s certainly an air of maturity surrounding Miyeon, the oldest member of the group. “The concepts are another method used to express (G)I-DLE and the music (G)I-DLE wants to do,” she says. “So, I’m just always thinking about how to show and express them, but there weren’t any concepts that pushed me out of my comfort zone.” We love this confidence.

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