#LadiesAndBabies: Post Pregnancy Exercise for New Moms

From huge to saggy, from honey to mommy, as a new mom, you have been through tremendous changes over nine months. And you may be keen on restoring your body soon after childbirth. But post pregnancy exercise is different from regular exercise.

This week on #LadiesAndBabies, we will tell you all about the exercise after pregnancy.

Top Post Pregnancy Exercise

Besides the various changes that your body has undergone, your mental strength may also be at its peak. Post pregnancy exercise is the answer to your woes. Apart from regaining your physical strength, exercise after pregnancy can help you deal with the risk of postpartum depression.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Note:

Every pregnancy is different. It is advised that women do not engage in any physical activities up to six weeks after childbirth (normal delivery). For some women, this period may differ. Always talk to your gynecologist about making any changes to your routine. We suggest you discuss with your doctor when to return to exercise after delivery.[/box]

Here are the five best post pregnancy exercise:

Pelvic exercises: You may want to tone your abs to re-establish their strength, but no, crunches are not the solution. The best post pregnancy belly exercises are those that make your pelvis work. You can do –

  1. Pelvic Tilt – It is a simple exercise with extraordinary outcomes. You only have to lie straight on your back with your knees bent. Your feet and arms can lay flat on the sides. After getting into this position, inhale and exhale deeply while shifting your focus on the pelvic muscles. Repeat ten times.
  2. Pelvic Bridge – Slightly similar to pelvic tilt, in this exercise after pregnancy, you have to lie on your back with knee bents. This time, keep your feet apart. Your arms can rest on the side. Inhale and exhale while you move your abs up and down. Repeat 10 times.

Exercises for back muscles: You hosted a live-developing-human baby in your body. And after it was done developing, you pushed it out with great strength, of course, your back hurts by now. Here are some post pregnancy exercises for back muscles –

  1. Head Lifts – It is as simple as lifting your head, literally. You have to lie straight on your back with your knees bent, arms resting on the side, and feet laid down. Inhale and exhale after some holding. With every breath, lift your head and neck upwards, while keeping the rest of the body lowered to the floor.
  2. Shoulder Lifts – After you are comfortable with the head lifts, move on to the shoulder. Place yourself in the same position as above, and as you lift your head, lift your shoulders too.

Deep Breathing: Post pregnancy belly exercises are a must for new moms. For abdominal strength, sit straight, and breathe deeply. Hold your abs tight while inhaling and exhaling.

Walking: You should never underestimate the health benefits of a walk. Walking as an exercise after pregnancy is greatly beneficial as it gets your body worked up. Your muscles build-up, the heartbeat starts racing, while you can also enjoy the serene view outside.

Yoga: With a baby on board, you may not be able to find enough time for yourself. You can choose yoga as an exercise after pregnancy that gives you both – strength and relaxation.

Post Pregnancy Exercise with Baby

Being a mom must be fun. All your activities can have a spark of joy and excitement with your newborn in your life. You can feel this spark while doing exercise after pregnancy. Here are some exercises you can do with your little one:

The Glider

Hold your baby in your arms (be careful). Stand straight and lunge with one leg forward while taking a step. Repeat with the other leg. Do not take stretch the leg beyond a certain point, you may risk falling.

The Bounce

Similar to the glider, stand straight with your little one in your arms. This time you have to lunge sidewards. And while you step on the side, do a squat. Repeat about 8-9 times.


This exercise after pregnancy is a simple one. Hold your baby close and stand straight. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold the baby close to your chest and squat down. Again, hold the baby closer and squat up.

While these exercises are simple, you should not do them unless you have mastered the art of holding your baby rightly. If you feel weak, avoid exercising at all. If you feel strong, give a kiss to your little one with each repetition.

The Takeaway

Post pregnancy exercise is a fun way to bond with yourself and your baby. You can cherish your new life as a mom while keeping fit. Another benefit of these exercising is that they keep your mood enlightened and reduces stress.

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