Lil Nas X Looks as Gorgeous as Ever in His New YSL Beauty Campaign — See Photos

If Lil Nas suddenly decides he’s over being a pop star, modeling seems like a clear backup plan. His skin is as glowy as ever in every single image. He poses in various parts of a desert while wearing and occasionally holding YSL products. In one photo, which you can see above, we get a close-up look at the rapper’s radiant skin, perfectly arched brows, and the watermelon-hued pigment on his lips. 

Courtesy of brand

In my humble opinion, the most striking and exciting picture is a close-up shot of his face with graphic eye makeup. Sparkly navy blue pigment glimmers on each of his lids alongside a golden shimmery hue in his inner corner. His baby pink lips contrast his blinged-out grills perfectly. And that manicure? Just the matte black icing on a perfect cake.

This is only the beginning of YSL’s and Lil Nas X’s relationship, so we will be eagerly awaiting even more, especially if it comes with gorgeous photos like these. 

YSL Beauty The Bold Lipstick

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