Most of the Body Changes Will Be Noticeable

Your third trimester is almost over and it’s your 24th week of pregnancy. The baby is growing with speed. Possibly, he will be the size of an ear of corn. Isn’t it funny that we are comparing your baby with a vegetable? But it’s okay, we are just trying to make you understand the baby development in the 24th week of pregnancy. To do so, let’s see the changes that take place in the baby during the 24th week of pregnancy.

Growth in the Baby

The baby is about 590 – 600 grams and around 25 to 30 centimetres from crown to heel. If you will observe the baby’s sleeping pattern, it will be more defined now. You may not like it, as when you are trying to sleep, the baby is alert and kicking. You, unfortunately, have no control over that.

Still, the mother needs to be more careful because the baby born at this stage have fewer chances of survival and may need more help in the neonatal unit. This is because the baby is still immature.

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Development in 24th Week of Pregnancy

Let us discuss a few changes or baby development in 24th week of pregnancy:

Eye: The baby’s eyes are still fused shut, but all the parts of the eye are developed except the iris pigmentation. This will also develop over the next few months. The final shade of the eye will settle after the baby is born.

Baby activities: In the 24th week of pregnancy, the baby will start moving in the womb. This might keep you up at night. The baby will be more active during the 24th to 28th week. This could be because of the available space in the womb. Once the baby is grown, it will not get sufficient space to move.

Brain and lung Growth: The brain of the baby will keep developing rapidly. Whereas the lungs are developed fully but not working yet.

Skin: The skin of the baby in the 24th week is very thin. You can even see the blood vessels, bones, and organs beneath it. The colour of the skin will be red to pink. Don’t worry, his skin will continue to thicken in the coming weeks of pregnancy.

The Mother

Don’t take this duration so lightly, as the expecting mother may have some changes in her body that may cause discomfort. Your doctor or midwife will ask you for some tests, such as blood sugar test which is a must at this time to check Gestational diabetes. Some of the things that you may notice during the 24th week of pregnancy are:

Piles: In many cases, the mother may develop the symptoms of piles. This is all because of the increased pressure in that area. Always get it treated at the first sign of discomfort to help keep it under control. Try not to stand for a long time and have a warm bath to help relieve the pain. Most importantly, try to prevent constipation.

Trouble Sleeping: As we have mentioned, there is rapid baby development in the 24th week of pregnancy. This could make it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Either you can sleep on your sides or try sleeping with a pillow between your legs.

Skin Changes: Generally, the mother starts facing skin changes from the beginning of the 21st week. But in the 24th week of pregnancy, those changes will be more visible and noticeable. You may start having dark patches on your face and more visible stretch marks. Usually, these disappear soon after you’ve given birth.

Round ligament pain: If a mother feels pain in the groin area during the 24th week, this could be due to round ligament pain. This is quite normal, but if the pain is severe, then check with your doctor.

You may also be suffering from Symphysis pubis dysfunction. For that, you should try different exercises to overcome this condition. To cure the discomfort, some women try cycling, swimming or aquanatal exercises.

We all know pregnancy is a wonderful journey. But at the same point, we need to be more careful than before. Not only for you but for the growth of the infant. The mother may experience many changes because of the baby’s development in the 24th week of pregnancy. So take proper care of yourself and your baby.

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