National Pollution Prevention Day 2019: Steps to Combating Pollution

Besides the political crisis in states, national economic slowdown and increasing incidence of violence against women, India (and the world) is being torn down by climate change. That is a lot of sad news but unfortunately, climate change remains a stark reality. Today India observes National Pollution Prevention Day. To honor this, we would like to revisit the different types of pollution that we face today. 

Worldwide, the youth is holding protests and demonstrations that call for immediate action on the changing climate and its effects. One of the biggest causes of this calamity is the damage caused to natural resources by the industrial sector. Due to this, the prevention of pollution is not a choice anymore. Before we tell you how to combat pollution, let’s understand the significance of this day. 

National Pollution Prevention Day – The History 

About three decades ago, in the year 1984, Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, encountered the fate of a gruesome gas tragedy. A gas leak incident from a pesticide plant at the Union Carbide India Limited occurred on 2nd – 3rd December. The poisonous gas leaked from the plant was Methyl Isocyanate, also known as MIC. The disaster led to the killing of nearly 10,000 people. More than 500,000 people suffered from agonizing injuries. 

Bhopal Gas Tragedy was one of the world’s most tragic industrial catastrophes. To bring to notice the impacts of industrial pollution, every year Indian nationals commemorate National Pollution Prevention Day. The objective of this day is to raise awareness among communities and governments about the increasing effects of pollution on the environment. It is also aimed at making industrial authorities realize the said effects and demand action from their end, to combat it. 

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=””]Fast Facts

  • Nearly 12.5% of deaths in India are due to conditions associated with air pollution. 
  • The most polluted river in the world is the Ganges. 
  • According to the World Health Organisation, 11 out of 12 most polluted cities with high concentrations of particulate matter in the air, are found in India. 
  • Around 70% of surface water in India is unfit for drinking. 
  • Noise pollution can cause irreversible hearing loss, anxiety, heart diseases, and hypertension
  • A survey stated that Delhi has some of the noisiest roads in India. [/box]

Prevention of Pollution 

The facts mentioned above clearly reflect how various kinds of pollution plague mother earth. Be it air, noise or water, industrial pollution is on a steep rise and measures for prevention are a necessity. 

Prevention of Air Pollution 

It is no news that air quality in India has become ‘severe’. If you are looking for proof for the same, just read the Air Quality Index (AQI) levels or take a peek outside your window, during rush hour. Prevention of air pollution is now an individual responsibility. Here are some steps you can take to avert or reduce air pollution:

  • Avoid smoking indoors
  • Use natural cleaners to cleanse your house
  • Make use of air ventilators, especially while cooking 
  • Adopt the utilization of air purifiers
  • Share rides or use public transportation 

Prevention of Water Pollution 

If you can afford running clean water, you may consider it a luxury. Pollution and poverty go hand in hand in India. Most of the poor communities do not have access to safe uncontaminated water. Water pollution is also accountable for destroying the homes of marine animals and plants. Everyone thus, must opt for the prevention of water pollution and save as much water as they can. Practice the following for water pollution prevention:

  • Turn the tap off when it is not being used, for instance, while brushing teeth.
  • Do not flush litter down the toilet
  • Run the water while washing dishes only when the basin is fully loaded.
  • Use minimum amount of detergents
  • Do not overuse pesticides and fertilizers
  • Avoid littering in water bodies like rivers, lakes or ponds

Prevention of Noise Pollution

Noise is something that can barely be avoided, but the escalating noise pollution needs to be controlled. It is because it can cause various health conditions in the long run. The prevention of noise pollution is particularly important for those residing in urban areas. However, every person should do their part in reducing this. Some tips to prevent noise pollution are:

  • Avoid bursting explosives
  • Do not use horn unless extremely necessary
  • Play music or musical instruments to a desirable limit
  • Avoid playing DJs in public places for events
  • Plant more trees in your neighborhood
  • Use noise-canceling headphones
  • Make use of wall-to-wall carpeting

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What is my learning?

National Pollution Prevention Day is one opportunity to raise recognition about the prevention of pollution. As we remember all those people who lost their lives and suffered from the Bhopal Gas Tragedy, we should also remember to make the world a better and healthier place for future generations. 

Pollution welcomes more health burdens and thus, serves as a top contributor to harm, for both mankind and nature. Avoid these health hazards by opting for an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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