#NotSoShy: The Health Benefits of Sex

Yeah, sex is cool but do you know that it is even better for your health? Unlike plants that reproduce by pollination, human reproduction is exciting. Lovemaking is more than just about making babies. Sexual intercourse is a total win because the benefits of sex include various aspects of better health.

This week on our blog series, #NotSoShy, we will be expanding on the wide range of healthful benefits of sex.

The Many Benefits of Sex and Lovemaking

Young Indian couples would relate to us when we say that the pressure of birthing grandchildren from your parents is higher than the pleasure you can get from your sex-life. But it is high time that we acknowledge sex as a desirable tool that has not one, not two, but n number of perks. Here is how sex makes your life a little better:

1. More sex, less sick leaves

Here is your chance to win the ‘Employee of the Year’ award from your organization. What do you have to do besides work hard? Have more sex.

Studies have proven that people who have more sex have a better defence mechanism against certain germs, viruses, and more. Your immune system gets stronger with an increase in sexual activity. However, sex is not the only factor in bettering your immunity. Exercising, eating right, having quality sleep and other factors are also important.

2. Increased Sex-drive

Are you currently unhappy with your sex life? Do you want to be more interested in sexual activities? Do you want the spark to return? There’s only one answer to all these questions – having more sex. If you wish to have a heightened libido (sexual drive), just have more sex.

For women, it is because intercourse increases the flow of blood, elasticity and lubrication of the vagina. Thereby, easing sexual activity and elevating pleasure.

3. To pee or not to pee? You can hold better

One of the most comfortable benefits of sex is that it gives better control over one’s bladder. It has been scientifically proven that about 30% of women are likely to suffer from urinary incontinence some time in their life.

This condition, however, can be avoided by having a good amount of sex. Since sex would involve the use of your pelvic muscles, they will strengthen, resulting in better bladder control.

4. Better heart health

Sexual activity with your loved one makes your heartbeats fast, for real. You will experience your heart pumping at its peak and no, romance is not the only reason. Experts say that nearly 5 calories per minute are involved in having sex. Since technically you would be exercising lightly during your lovemaking session, your heart health will improve.

Your blood pressure will also drop along with your risk of having a heart attack. Consistency in sexual activity keeps the levels of estrogen and testosterone balanced.

5. Lessens the bad pain

The bittersweet pain during sex is to be appreciated. But all other kinds of pain should have no space in anybody’s life. Sex is a boon as it helps in reducing pain in our bodies.

A sexual activity that reaches climax and results in orgasm can block some forms of pain. It is because an orgasm can help release hormones that raise the bar of your pain bearing.

Research has shown that women who attain vaginal stimulation can block various types of pains. These include back pain, leg pain, menstrual cramps, and headaches. Even some relief from migraines is expected as one of the benefits of sex.

6. Alternative workout

Sex involves a lot of moving around and the use of numerous muscles. It is exercising, just in its lighter form. So even on your cheat days when you plan to miss the gym, you can make up for all the action by having sex.

Among the many benefits of sex, you get to be with your loved one, have fun and burn calories!

7. Bye, Bye Prostate Cancer

Well, not exactly a goodbye, though a safe distance can be maintained. Your risk of developing prostate cancer decreases if you have more sex. Studies have shown men who ejaculate frequently have lesser odds of getting cancer of the prostate.

8. A better night’s sleep

If your work life is troubling you to the extent that you cannot get a good night’s sleep, have sex. Sexual activity that ends in orgasms provides a better quality of sleep for partners. A hormone called prolactin is released when one has an orgasm. This hormone is a natural aide to sleep. Also, all the activity would have made you tired, so you tend to get better sleep.

9. Good sex, no stress

Sex is all about intimacy. And intimacy is all about good feels. When you spend quality time with your partner, you are likely to experience the release of the ‘feel-good’ hormone in your body. It is because sex is a natural stress buster. Your anxiety levels will decline with frequent sexual activity.

10. A better relation

Among other great benefits of sex is the chance to offer and receive affection. You and your loved one will get the chance to spend more time, share more secrets, be more close and whatnot. Your bond will strengthen with more amount of sex.

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The Takeaway

The stigma that sex should only be performed if/when one has to extend their family should be shattered. Sex is important for people’s overall well-being. It plays an important role in maintaining and improving other forms of health in a person.

There are several benefits of sex but all these benefits can only be impactful if the sex is practised safely. You should talk to your partner about your sexual desires, history and expectations.

If you are interested in learning more about sexual and reproductive health, watch out for #NotSoShy.

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