Right Time for Baby Vaccination

Vaccination at the right time is as important as vaccinating itself. This is because vaccines work best when administered at a proper time. It is of utmost importance to follow the schedule prescribed by the baby’s pediatrician. A baby’s immunization schedule is more focused in the initial months. It is done to make the baby immune to preventable diseases when (s)he is most vulnerable. To keep a track of the vaccination schedule, a top Pediatrician in Gurgaon suggests

Maintaining a vaccination card will help keep track of the vaccines covered and the ones yet to be administered including the time of administration.

#1. When is the right time for Vaccinate?

The pediatrician gives an immunization schedule for the newborn that entails a list of vaccines to be administered to the baby at specific ages. Vaccines lead to the development of antibodies within the baby to tackle certain diseases. Thus, the vaccination schedule of the baby is governed by its health factors and also where the baby stays. To strengthen the baby’s immune system, some vaccines are to be administered from time to time.

#2. Is it too early to start vaccinating your baby? 

A baby is more vulnerable to vaccine preventable disease at infancy than during any other age. Therefore, it is best to immunize the baby at a nascent stage so as to strengthen the immune system long before any possible health attack.

#3. How many vaccines are possible in one go?

Research has proved that it is completely safe for a baby to be administered more than one vaccine at a time. However, your pediatrician is the best advisor as he knows the health factors of your baby at an individual level. Besides, the vaccination program is arranged in a way that the vaccines are distributed over time.

Immunization: With each vaccine that is administered to the baby, his protection against the disease is improved. When a vaccine is administered to the baby, his body learns to recognize and fight the bacteria/virus of a particular disease and stay unaffected by it throughout its life. However, some vaccines are to be given more often like the polio vaccine as the doses administered need to be of a particular quantity within a stipulated time period. The gap between two such vaccines ensures that each dose has the time to work to the best of its efficiency.

Missing A Vaccine: If in case, the time to administer a particular vaccine has lapsed, the pediatrician is to be consulted immediately. The pediatrician will then decide whether this is the right time to administer the vaccine or should it be delayed. The pediatrician may also alter the dosage of the missed vaccine to counter the lost time.

Travel Vaccines: There may also be vaccines that need to be administered to the baby before undertaking a travel. This may depend on the place the baby is travelling to.

Thus, the vaccines work best when a taken at the right time.

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