Sammi Jefcoate Shares The Best-Smelling Beauty Products She Owns

In winter, I’m of course more drawn to cozier scents. I have the same pattern with body wash and moisturizer as I do with perfume: I love cocooning, honeyed, rich sweet smells in the winter, but as soon as the sun’s out and it’s a bit warmer, I’m like “give me citrus, give me all the lighter notes.”

I have some serious favorite perfumes, and I like to layer. People ask me so much online, “How do you know what to layer?” I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I just know what smells good to me. I’m not a perfumer. I can imagine that someone in Paris is saying in horror, “Oh, what is she doing?” when I layer certain scents. All I know is, I mean, without sounding like an absolute wanker, I get told I smell good. I suppose that’s helpful feedback from real-life situations. 

There’s too many good scents out there for me to wear just one. It’s such a bonus to be able to buy lovely perfumes. In terms of brands, Diptyque, Le Labo, Byredo, Dior, and Tom Ford are absolute heroes for me. 

Diptyque is probably number one because their scents really last. My favorite from them is Eau des Sens, which is a very citrus fragrance. At this time of year (spring), I want to wear it with everything. I’ll mix it with other citruses, florals, or musky scents. It’s not one I would wear in the wintertime unless I’m suddenly on the south coast of Spain or something. Byredo Sundazed is probably my favorite fragrance that they do because of how citrusy it is. [Editor’s note: That’s thanks to the mandarin, lemon, and neroli.] 

Le Labo Another13 (ambroxan, moss, jasmine, and ambrette seeds) is another one I wear all the time. I like that it’s so genderless — anyone could wear it. It’s a very woody scent, very alluring. When I spray it, I’m just like “Oh, I want to smell it again.” I wear it with a lot of things, it mixes really well with my other scents. 

In the winter, Dior’s Vanilla Diorama is a very lovely, cozy, warm scent. I wear that with things like Margiela By the Fireplace, they marry really nicely together. A real one I should shout out is the Tom Ford Tubérose Nue — very musky, but it’s got florals and rose that feel very rich when you put it on. 

Tom Ford Tubéreuse Nue Eau de Parfum

I have to mention the Diptyque Eau Rose solid refillable perfume. I love their little solid perfumes for carrying around during the day. This isn’t me personally, but I know some people may feel a bit paranoid spraying themselves on a train if they’re about to go meet someone. It’s quite a nice, subtle thing to be able to get out your solid perfume and just put that on. Quite calming.

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