Saweetie Is Wearing the Biggest, Sharpest, Bluest Manicure of All Time — See Photo

Watch out, because Saweetie’s nails are legitimately sharper than my set of steak knives in my kitchen. It seems that the “Best Friend” rapper has taken a break from her sweaty gym sessions to post some beauty content on her Instagram story — so obviously, we’re here for it.

Almost no one has the ability to rock nails as cool as hers. A long-time fan of the stiletto shape, Saweetie is constantly wearing extravagant manicures. Some of our favorites? Her pastel pink rhinestone nails, her sharp-as-ever red manicure, and her charm-covered nails for Coachella. And don’t even get us started on her hair… let’s just say the rapper is an expert at matching her hair to her nails with the perfect makeup to compliment them. 

She snapped a cute photo for her story on May 9, showing off an icy new manicure. The nails are royal blue and very long — the extensions themselves have to be at least an inch and a half in length. As if that wasn’t enough, topping the nails are blue rhinestones. Forming an hourglass shape, two teardrop-shaped stones cover each nail with the pointy ends connecting for a satisfying shape. Can we just say how much we missed these extremely extra nail looks?


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