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There are certain body parts or the points where when you press helps to give you relief from sinus headaches. These points are available or found in the body parts like the head, neck, shoulders, and hands. Pressure points for headache relief may give you more immediate results than regular drugs. You can continue reading if you are looking for Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points that may help you with your sinus headache or issues. Let us first learn what you should know about pressure points and their science.

Things you may require to know about Pressure Points and the Science –

Pressure points are certain body parts that are highly sensitive and can produce stimulation effects for controlling the prime issues for the moment. The practitioners of the branch of science called reflexology believe that touching or pressing the pressure points in certain ways can help to:

  • Improve health
  • Ease pain
  • Restore balance in the body

Reflexology is the branch of science that studies the body parts connected with the primary body parts under certain circumstances like disease or extreme pain. You may press the area between your fingers if you have a sinus headache. It will give you ultimate relief from your sinus headache.

Major Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points – 

Here are the few common acupressure points for sinus headache treatment that can reduce your headache symptoms immediately:

  • Union valley or Large intestine 4 or LI4 – 

This pressure point is located on the web between your thumb and index finger. It helps you treat headaches. To perform this, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Pinch the area between your lithium and index finger with the opposite hand. Press the area firmly for 10 seconds.
  2. Next, make small circles using the thumb of the opposite hand on this area in one direction and then the other hand for 10 seconds each.
  3. Repeat this process and perform the therapy for both hands.

This one of the most Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points helps to relieve tension from the areas of headache and neck. Tension is supposed to be the primary reason for headaches in the case of the sinus.

  • Drilling bamboo acupressure point or Urinary bladder 2 or UB2 – 

Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points

This is one of the highly effective pressure points for headache relief in the case of the sinus. While performing UB2, you may require to press the points between your nose bridges and the eyebrows. To perform this, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. With the use of the index fingers of both hands, apply pressure on the area
  2. Hold for 10 seconds after you are done pressing
  3. Release and repeat the above steps until you feel good with your headache

This pressure point therapy helps the nerves to activate. It is effective for headaches caused by eyestrain and sinus pressure or pain.

  • Gates of consciousness pressure points or Gallbladder 20 or GB20 –

Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points

It is another nerve-activating therapy that helps you seek relief from sinus issues or headaches. These pressure points are located at the base of the skull in the parallel hollow areas. For the further steps, follow the below-mentioned tricks one by one:

  1. Put your index finger and the middle finger below the area of the skull in parallel directions.
  2. Press firmly and try to produce pressure on the points for at least 10 seconds.
  3. After you are done with the previous step, release, and repeat, until 4 to 5 minutes.

Applying pressure on these points may help you with headache relief caused by tension.

  • Third eye pressure point or yin tang

Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points

This lies between the eyebrows and the area where your nose bridge meets the forehead. You can use your index finger to apply pressure to this area. Use this therapy for at least one minute. This helps relieve headaches due to eyestrain, sinus pressure, and tension headaches.

  • Shoulder well pressure point or Gallbladder 21 or GB21 – 

The position for this pressure point therapy is located at the edge of the shoulder, halfway between your shoulder point and the base of your neck. To apply this therapy, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. With the thumb of one hand, apply firm pressure in the circular motion for at least one minute.
  2. Switch your hands and repeat the procedure for the opposite sides.

This pressure point helps to relieve the stiffness in the neck and shoulder area. It is suitable for relieving pain and preventing headaches caused by any sensation.

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Other pressure points for sinus relief – 

  • The lung meridian 5 or LU5

Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points

You can use this therapy other than pressure points for headache relief or in case you have sinus. This pressure point is located on the inside of each elbow. It helps to seek relief from sinus congestion and pressure and may also help you with a runny nose. This therapy also helps you with your lungs and breathing issues during the sinus.

  1. Stretch your arm in a position that your palm should face up
  2. You will find a slight dip where your forearm connects with the elbow.
  3. This is the area you need to pressurize.
  4. Repeat the steps and switch arms.
  • The lung meridian 9 or LU9

Sinus Headache Relief Pressure Points

This is located on the inside of your wrist. It is used to provide relief from throat issues that may develop because of sinus infections.

  1. Hold your hand in such a way that your palm faces you
  2. Find the crease where your hand meets the wrist
  3. Now, place the finger on your wrist below the thumb and press the area.
  4. Repeat the procedure for at least 10 seconds and switch between the hands
  • The liver 3 or Tai Chong pressure points or Liv3

The liver 3 or Tai Chong pressure points or Liv3

It is located on the feet and the back of the big toes. These are effective pressure points for headache relief, help to seek relief from the pain around the eyes, and are linked to issues with the liver.

  1. Sit down with your knees bent in the upward direction and your feet in front of your face.
  2. Place your fingers between the big toe and the next toe
  3. Slide your fingers and press this point.
  4. Apply pressure on both feet at the same time with each hand. You can also apply pressure with both hands.
  • The large intestine 20 or LI20

The large intestine 20 or LI20
Source: Healthline

These pressure points are found on the face, below the edges, or at the base of each side of the nose. To apply pressure points to these areas, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Find the area where your nose base ends, and it joins your cheeks
  2. Place one finger of each hand below the base of your nostrils and press the area.

The bladder 2 or BL2

This pressure point is between the nose’s bridge and the upper eyelid’s inner side. This is another way to relieve sinus pain around the face.

  1. With the help of both hands, use the index finger and place the finger on the bridge of your nose
  2. Slide your fingers into the tiny hollows and put pressure where your eyebrows meet your nose area
  3. You can press the area, and it will feel firm after putting pressure. Try to rest for a minute and repeat.

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The Bottom Line – 

When drugs and other alternative things don’t work, acupressure is another way to release the pressure on the sinus. However, it doesn’t mean that acupressure completely helps you fight the symptoms. You might still need your medicines. Sinus is the kind of disease that is caused by allergens, infections, and other bacterial forms. It can also be the cause of any virus like flu or cold. You may require over-the-counter medications for allergy relief. You can apply the pressure mentioned above on the points several times in the day and may ask for antibiotics from the doctor.

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