Summer Hairstyles: Creating the Perfect Dutch Braid

Braided hairstyles are versatile, and they never go out of style. It makes them great for any occasion. They are the perfect summer hairstyle when you want to get your hair out of your face. The Dutch braid is a popular hairstyle, ideal for any hair type.

Do you need an elegant look for a special occasion? Maybe you simply need to make the best of a bad hair day. The best part is that you can style the look yourself following the Dutch braid with a twist tutorial. You can create the perfect Dutch braid for summer. 

Trendy Dutch Braids 

The best thing about Dutch braids is that they are perfect for any type of hair. The style can look great on you whether you have thick or thin hair. Fine hair will appear thicker when braided. Twisted braids look great, and while they might look complicated, they are easy to create.

Once you understand the basics of a Dutch braid, you will be able to style your hair at home. You will be able to braid your hair in a few minutes.

Characteristics of Dutch Braids

Understanding what distinguishes a Dutch braid from a French braid and other braided hairstyles is essential. A Dutch braid is twisted close to the head, starting from the top and working down. The braid is raised more than a French braid, appearing to be on top of the hair.

It causes the hair to appear lush and more voluminous, even with fine hair. A Dutch braid can be described as an inverted or reverse French braid.

Create the Perfect Dutch Braid

To create the perfect Dutch braid, comb the hair and divide it into three sections. Take some hair from the left section and place them under the middle section. Similarly, take hair from the right section, placing it under the middle one. Repeat the action as you work down, making sure to add more strands as you move down.

You must place the strands under the middle section hair each time while pulling the braid downwards. It will allow the braid to stand out on top of the hair. You can use clear elastic band to hold the braid.

Benefits of Dutch Braids  

Dutch braids are attractive and easy to achieve. They help keep the hair out of the face without using clips and other hair accessories. The style can make fine hair appear voluminous, and your hair does not have to be very long to create the braids.

Use your fingers to pull the braid slightly apart to make the hair look voluminous. The braids can work perfectly with straight, natural, curly, or wavy hair. Braids help protect the hair when the air is humid. 

Different Styling Options

When you decide to braid your hair, you can try different styling options that will go from casual to elegant. Style your Dutch braids in different ways using fun accessories, or you can style the braids in a bun or double Dutch. Messy strands are perfect for the summer look.


You can learn how to create Dutch braids without professional help. With numerous online tutorials, anyone can create the perfect braid with some practice. The braids work best on hair that is not freshly washed.


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