Tessa Thompson Used Her Choker Necklace as a Hair Tie Because She’s a Genius – See Photos

On August 31, Tessa Thompson arrived on Venice turf not only to commence the city’s International Film Festival ceremony but to glaze the eyes of many, if not all, with a hairstyle so unique that I’d even consider it to be an illusion. She oozed cool. Her wet-looking finger waves fell sleek without a part at the hairline, and seemingly halted at the neck — at first glance, at least. 

What I first assumed were shoulder-length waves, I quickly realized were actually a waterfall of red curls falling all the way down Thompson’s bare back. The reason I couldn’t tell? Her silver chainlink choker necklace doubled as a hair tie, pulling all her waves back and securing them to her neck. Simply genius. 

Hairstylist Lacy Redway brought the vision together, as she always does as well. “A choker hair tie will be all the rage,” Redway captioned her Instagram post of the look, and “the rage” it absolutely is. An accent baby hair brushed Thompson’s forehead, and all the Venice glamour followed, as the choker harnessed Thompson’s locks with four remaining cuffs of chain dangling down her swept-back hair. 

Getty Images

Getty Images

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