Thanks, Falsies at Prada, for Guaranteeing My Nightmares Tonight — See Photos

Spooky season cometh, and Prada is ready. According to the Italian fashion brand, spring and summer 2023 will be all about haunted doll lashes. Prada just sent models down the runway at Milan Fashion Week wearing super long, ebony black false lashes that completely covered their eyes. 

The lengthy lashes are less Snuffalupagus from Sesame Street and more “demon that will stalk your dreams,” thanks to their downward-facing direction; instead of lifting the eye for a fluttery look, these heavy falsies drew lids down to give an aura of seriousness and spookiness. This is not a Twiggy lash situation — this is more macabre than mod.

The rest of the beauty look was far less terrifying; models sported minimal makeup, no lip color, and simple hair, letting the giant spider lashes play center stage against the clothes. As noted by Vogue, Prada designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons were inspired by the everyday life of the wearer; their workday skirts and jackets and their nighttime dresses and nightgowns. 

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