The 26 Best Designer Phone Cases to Shop in 2022


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Let’s face it: In the year 2022, our smartphones have become our most important accessory. Whether you’re on board with this fact or not, how we accessorize these accessories via phone cases has become another way for us to complete an outfit, as we do with our choice in shoes, bags, and jewelry. And the easiest (and usually the least expensive) way to give any look a designer upgrade is by opting for a case from one of our favorite luxury labels.

While there are plenty of logo-emblazoned phone cases out there, some of today’s designs really lean into our need to be connected at all times. Chains and straps allow us to literally wear our phones like a purse or wristlet rather than play Tetris to try and fit them into our mini bags or spend forever trying to fish them out of our oversize totes. Even classic snap-on cases offer much more than just a simple logo—think fun textures and materials, 3D details, and functional pockets for our credit cards.

Ahead, we rounded up 26 of today’s must-have designer phone cases, available at a range of price points. Don’t worry, they don’t all cost an arm and a leg. Keep scrolling to check out the very best from today’s luxury favorites, including Gucci, Prada, Bottega Veneta, and many more.

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