The Most Popular Ayurvedic Oils in India

People face different types of health problems on a daily basis. Whether it is hair fall or joint pain, every health problem requires attention and treatment. With increasing rates of pollution in the environment, health is being affected, especially for senior citizens and children.

Ayurveda is considered to be the only natural way that can cure diseases without posing side effects on the body. It is based on principles and beliefs that the procurement of natural substances in a human body can cure anything and everything.

Ayurveda has come up with several oils which guarantee to relieve you from your health problem. It believes that the essential elements of a natural substance are the oil produced from it. Ayurvedic oils have all the ingredients that one needs to apply according to his or her choice.

For Pain Relief

Ayurveda has always been a fundamental part of the history of India. However, it is a recent development that people have started using Ayurvedic products instead of chemical-based ones. Products are in huge demand due to their medicinal qualities and minimal side effects.

Health problems like joint pain and headache can be instantly healed by using ayurvedic oils. Ayurvedic oil for joint pain from Kerala Ayurveda helps to recover from pain quickly without leaving any toxicants on your body. It also assists in the regular circulation of blood so that you can have healthy joints.

The following are the go-to ayurvedic oils for joint pain which you can trust blindly:

  • Greenkure Ayurvedic oil
  • Orthosure gold joint pain relief oil
  • Orthonil gold oil
  • Cureveda joint care oil

For Hair Growth

Hair Fall is the most prevalent problem with everyone in the present age. Whether it is men or women, everyone is hysterical about hair fall, dandruff, frizz, split ends, and other hair problems. It is essential to take care of your hair daily. Most of the people complain about excess oil production and paraben damage from toxic shampoos. Consequently, this acts as a hindrance for hair growth, and the formation of split ends due to lack of nutrition.

Applying oil to your hair at predefined time intervals is the most acceptable hair care measure. The use of Ayurvedic products can enhance your hair growth and control excess oil production. The hair experts also recommend it because of the herbal ingredients present in Ayurvedic oils. Following hair oil brands are the most popular and prominent among their customers and are best in quality:

  • Kama bringadi hair oil
  • Nivr intensive hair growth oil
  • Biotique therapeutic oil
  • Khadi bhringraj oil

Every person has a different scalp type and hair type, as well. Not every Ayurvedic oil may suit you, which is why it becomes necessary to check your hair type before buying any oil. Kerala Ayurveda has the best products for hair as well for joint pain.

You can check your hair type before purchasing the hair oil so that you get the right product. Bala Thailam oil is the most sought-after oil among all of its products. It helps in hair growth, smoothing hair, removing frizz, and controlling hair fall. It is one product for all hair problems, hair treatment at home.

Winsoria oil is coconut-based oil that prevents scalp dryness and sores in the scalp. Sores are formed due to too much dryness and itching in the scalp, which happens mostly in winters. This oil prevents hair skin from getting bruises, infections, and inflammations, as well.

Karpooradi Thailam oil is the oil meant for relieving pain from muscles and joints. Senior citizens often keep complaining of joint pain and muscle pain; massaging this oil on the area of pain regularly for days can lessen the pain.

Not only joints and muscles, but it also helps cure breathlessness, which is most common among the elderly. Kerala Ayurveda is most famous for its panchakarma, i.e., 5-prolonged treatment in which they detoxify the body of their patients in the 21-day process. This detoxification is done through the application of oils manufactured by them and other products consisting of Chyawanprash and tablets.

If you are looking for detoxification of your body or your parents or relatives, go to their website and book your appointment. With the rising pollution in air and water, it becomes necessary to purify our bodies once in a while.

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