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Neinstein Plastic Surgery is more than a top-tier medical practice. The clinic also serves as an active member of its community, aiming to give back to the local people of NYC. Their team recognizes that when people and organizations come together to address issues that are important to them, they can greatly improve the overall quality of life in a community.

For this reason, the team prides itself on a corporate culture built on moral and civic excellence, a reality evident in The Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good program. Under this program, Neinstein Plastic Surgery is taking the initiative to help bring these virtuous principles to the lives of New Yorkers. The goal is straightforward: Neinstein Plastic Surgery wants to give back by supporting worthy causes and helping empower those worldwide with aesthetic surgeries.

Providing Support to Local Charities

Upon typing Dr. Neinstein NYC into Google, searchers will quickly find many notable charities the clinic’s team has volunteered at and pledged support. Some of the most recent ones include:

Animal Haven

Dr. Neinstein’s clinic volunteered at Animal Haven in February 2022. Animal Haven is a nonprofit organization with the mission to find homes for abandoned animals in the Tri-State area. The foundation also provides behavior intervention when necessary to improve adoption chances. They founded an animal shelter in Manhattan in 1967. They also offer programs that strengthen the bond between humans and animals.

The team supported Animal Haven by dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing food bowls, walking dogs, socializing with the cats, and writing biographies for some newer visitors. Throughout their efforts, The Neinstein Plastic Surgery team was also successful in raising over $3,000 for the cause.

2021 We Deliver God’s Love

 A year earlier, Neinstein Plastic Surgery led a volunteer group at God’s Love We Deliver on Sunday, December 5th, 2021. The organization operates with the mission to provide nutrition therapy and cook and deliver medically tailored meals to people suffering from severe illnesses. Despite its name, the organization is not religious but a local group offering free services and love to locals.

Volunteers from the clinic assisted the program’s on-staff chefs in the kitchen with various tasks, from peeling potatoes to making meatballs and even packaging meals.

A Charity Ride With SoulCycle

Going back to the team’s first community initiative, you will find the clinic’s participation in a SoulCycle Charity Ride benefiting the Release Recovery Foundation. The SoulCycle ride was on September 26th, 2021, at 4 pm at SoulCycle 83rd Street (1470 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10028.) After the event, the team donated all proceeds to the life-saving foundation.

The team organized this event because substance abuse and mental illness take far too many lives in our communities. The Release Recovery Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making professional treatment available to those ready and willing to seek it. The Release Recovery Foundation provides scholarships to help people bridge the gap between what is affordable and what they need to change their lives.

Giving People Their Lives Back

In addition to the charities that Dr. Neinstein has set his clinic up for volunteer activities, his overall mission to help mothers and transgender individuals demonstrate a mission to give back to NYC.

For Mothers 

The mommy makeover is a popular plastic surgery operation designed to address common pregnancy and breastfeeding issues. In addition to helping mothers “look better,” the procedure helps with self-esteem concerns. Consider that a person’s self-esteem can affect them in various ways, ranging from a loss of sex drive to a lack of energy and even depression. Being self-conscious about your appearance can lead to a negative body image and low self-esteem. These elements can harm your overall well-being. 

Many women who have a mommy makeover often feel more energized, rejuvenated about their appearance, and less self-conscious about their bodies because areas of concern are enhanced or restored with this surgical procedure.

For Transgender Individuals

People in the study with gender incongruence – whose biological gender did not match the gender they identified – were six times more likely to seek medical attention for mood and anxiety disorders. Researchers discovered that they were more likely to be prescribed antidepressants and more likely to be hospitalized following a suicide attempt.

However, by helping the transgender community feel comfortable in their bodies, the medical community has found that these were less experience anxiety, depression, or suicidal behavior.

Therefore, responsibly-conducted medical surgeries, like the ones conducted by Dr. Neinstein, have bettered the lives of many. 

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