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We all have days when we feel a bit self-conscious – after all, we’re only human, and it’s normal to feel a lack of self-confidence once in a while. But if the confidence issues don’t go away on their own even after months of diet, exercise, and beauty treatments, perhaps you need something more drastic. Not as drastic as cosmetic surgery, mind you – but just as (if not more) effective. We’re referring to a revolutionary treatment that began making waves in the UK as soon as it was introduced: fat-dissolving injections, otherwise known as Aqualyx injections. It’s a popular treatment that doesn’t involve any surgery, major or minor. Instead, as its name implies, it is the injection of an enzyme into stubborn areas of fat – such as the jawline, the arms, the neck, the back, and more. But many myths are propagated about the procedure – and we’re here to tell you now that they’re wrong! Here are the top myths you need to know right now about fat-dissolving injections. 

#1: They are dangerous or harmful 

The number one myth surrounding fat-dissolving injections is that they are dangerous or harmful. On the contrary – it may well be the least dangerous treatment for reducing fat! First, fat-dissolving injections are non-surgical, so there’s no risk of complications arising from the treatment, unlike cosmetic surgical procedures such as liposuction. For another, the substance injected into the body occurs naturally, which means it is not harmful and is comprised of deoxycholic acid and a few plant-based compounds. As a result, it is safe – and, more importantly, effective – and destroys fat cells, which are then excreted naturally via the lymphatic system. 

#2: The effects are not permanent

This is another well-known myth and another reason why some people refuse it. You should know that fat-dissolving injections have permanent results – which means they are effective. But just like any other treatment dedicated to fat loss (including cosmetic surgery), the results will stay unless the person who has undergone treatment changes their lifestyle and diet, leading to the formation of fat cells once again. In other words, if you maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods and exercising, chances are, those fat cells that were destroyed by the treatment won’t come back. 

Anyone can indeed have the procedure done in no time; many people refer to it as a lunchtime procedure because you can do it during your lunch break! But the effects of the treatment won’t be noticeable immediately – you will have to wait a few days for the results to be more apparent. So this is not recommended for those who are going for fat-dissolving injections right before a big event or occasion – unless you have it done a few weeks prior. 

The results will be noticeable after a few weeks, depending on the area’s size and how much fat you would like to remove. Large areas would often require more treatment, and it is not uncommon for patients to receive anywhere from 5 to 8 treatments. The best results will show after 4 – 8 weeks, and in general, most patients have 2 to 5 sessions before they are fully satisfied. 

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