Tilda Swinton’s Blown-Out Mohawk Is Part Undercut, Part Pompadour, All Art — See Photo

When Tilda Swinton steps onto the red carpet, she amps up our imagination with the eclecticness of her style. Her arrival at the London Fashion Awards on December 5 proved as such, with the colorful canvas painted on her gown designed by fashion designer Charles Jeffrey and the sculptured mohawk masterfully structured atop her head. 

Paired with a poppy red lip stain, her mohawk was part pompadour as London-based hairstylist Declan Sheils took the lead and gave her layers an inverted blown-out look. It was fierce, artfully styled, and even made us think back to the golden dagger-shaped crown her character wore on the battlefield in The Chronicles of Narnia.  

Swinton’s undercut was tapered and faded at the sides as the strands directly above the crown cuffed inward with great length. The tips of her hair fell inward and interlocked around the forehead.

In conversation with Vogue, she explained her presence at the awards would later take the stage to present Jefferson Hack with the Special Recognition Award for Cultural Curation. Swinton’s lip color, painted by makeup artist Lesley Chilkes, stood out even against the backdrop of red lighting on the stage. 

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