Trending Head Accessories This Summer


It is summer, and you may be looking to change your style a bit. You have a few pool parties, beach meet-ups, and barbecues to attend, and you want to look your best. You already have a bathing suit and cover-up picked out, but you want to stand out in a crowd and have some great Instagram pictures to remember the summer by. You can turn up the volume on your summer look with some fabulous head accessories.


Scrunchies are coming back into style. The easy-to-use ponytail holders can be thrown on in a jiffy as you race out the door. They come in several different styles, and they can hold your hair back if you decide to go into the water. Scrunchies are so gentle that you will never snag your hair in one. You can wear them every day and never worry about losing a single strand. If you get a scrunchie in every color of the rainbow, you will always have a quick way to accessorize any outfit.

Hair Extensions

There is nothing that says traditional beauty like long hair. However, not everyone can grow long hair without getting split ends. If you want long, gorgeous hair this summer, consider getting hair extensions. They are less expensive and less of a hassle than you might think. There are so many hairstyles that you can wear when you have long hair that it will pay off in the end.

Personalized Baseball Caps

There is nothing more fun than personalized clothing and accessories. With a website like Printful, you can create a funny t-shirt or a beach blanket with a picture of your favorite pet. You can also create a personalized baseball cap. Make a cap with your family crest or the name of your favorite local team. You can put a picture of a character from a video game that you like on the front of the cap or simply print your name on the back.

There are web-based, on-demand printers that let people upload their original designs and put them on a baseball cap. If you don’t have an original design already made, you can create one using online tools. It is an inexpensive and fun way to change your style.

Artisan Barrettes

Barrettes have come a long way since the little plastic clips you used to see in drug stores 20 years ago. If you go to a jewelry store or peruse the booths at a local art festival, you are certain to find some truly gorgeous barrettes.

Stainless steel looks great in the sunshine and so does gold. When you wear barrettes in your hair at the beach, they will look extra shiny in the sun. You will find barrettes in the shape of butterflies and birds that look beautiful in long hair and go perfectly with any summer outfit.


There are plenty of different ways to tie a bandana. Get yourself a stack of bandanas and head to the beach with your favorite cocktail and a good book. A bandana will not only keep the hair out of your face, but it will look great with sunglasses. Bandanas are so cheap and plentiful that you can afford a ton of them. You will have one to go with anything you decide to wear.

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