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In the modern world that we live in, having a good image can go a long way. At the same time, many would consider that a shallow type of thought, considering all the ways that a person can effortlessly improve their looks, is what approves this way of thinking. Something that everyone is concerned about, especially men, is their hairline. We all know how a simple haircut can completely change the image of one person, and when someone is limited to the hairstyles they can have because they are losing hair, it can affect not only their looks but also their mental health, as they are not satisfied with how they look. With that in mind, we have a couple of tips that can prevent balding and save your hairline.

Why does hair fall out?

Shedding hair is quite a natural phenomenon, as people will lose around 100 hairs every day. That hair will start its growth process once again unless the follicle where the hair grows from happens to vanish for some reason. Those who experience sudden loss in patches or overall thinning should usually consider visiting a doctor.

The reason behind sudden hair loss can be various, but it usually happens due to the person’s diet, treatments, or lifestyle. Male persons tend to lose hair more often, and it is known that by the time men reach the age of 40, about half will experience some kind of hair loss that is usually in the form of androgenic alopecia.

While the best solution for those who have already suffered from hair loss is to get help from the best hair transplant doctor in Mumbai as they can restore the lost hair line with surgery, there are a few ways that hair loss can be prevented to a certain degree.

Ways To Prevent Balding And Save Your Hairline

It is known that two in three men experience hair loss at some point in their life.

Having a good diet is essential

Diet plays an incredibly important role when it comes to hair healthcare and preventing hair loss, and a study in 2018 revealed that the best diet that reduces the risk of androgenic alopecia is a Mediterranean diet that includes raw vegetables and fresh herbs.

Another study in 2017 revealed that people who have a diet full of healthy proteins have also decreased the hair loss they experienced as they grew older. Protein-rich food that will help build the blocks of protein for hair are eggs, nuts, fish, chicken, turkey, beans and peas, and low-fat dairy products.

One of the most important vitamins when it comes to preserving a hairline is vitamin A, which has been shown to increase the rate of hair growth. This vitamin also increases sebum production, which is the substance that helps the scalp stay healthy and retain more hair. Vitamin A-rich foods are sweet potatoes, spinach, sweet peppers, beef liver, fish oils, and milk.

Supplements can be a hit or a miss

While having a strict diet can be quite a challenge for a lot of people, especially in the busy modern world that we live in, where the most accessible food is the one that fits into the fast food category, a lot of people will take supplements to make up for the lost vitamins and proteins.

However, this is a bit tricky, as supplements are a double-edged sword because while they might bring some kind of positive, like keeping your hairline amazing, they might have another effect that is purely negative. So our suggestion is to attempt to have a good diet and avoid supplements if possible.

The type of hair care matters

It is a common misconception that washing hair every day is going to keep the scalp healthy and that your hairline will be preserved. However, things are different in reality since if you keep washing your hair often, you will keep removing the natural oils that your scalp produces in order to keep things the way they should be. Using the correct type of shampoo also matters, so try avoiding the 4 in 1 option.

Ways To Prevent Balding And Save Your Hairline
Ways To Prevent Balding And Save Your Hairline

Taking care of your hair now will reduce hair loss in the future.

Medical treatments are also an option

If you already notice that your hairline is declining, the best way thing to do is to visit a doctor and see if they happen to have any solutions for your situation. In most cases, you will be suggested to get a fue hair transplant in Mumbai, as this procedure is efficient, restoring the lost hairline and filling the spots where thinning can be noticed already.

Final word

While hair loss can be quite an unpleasant experience for one’s mental health, modern medicine has come a long way, and getting a hair transplant that will restore your hairline to how it was, or even better than it was, is relatively easy. The procedures are quite budget-friendly, and the only tricky thing is to maintain a certain care routine that will prevent the new follicles from falling out.

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