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Do you know that most people remember your smile more than your first words? Yes, smiles matter more than what you say regarding the first impression. It explains why many people strive to have white, properly aligned teeth to achieve a near-perfect smile. While teeth whitening is mostly about you, having straight teeth doesn’t come naturally for everyone. Many people suffer from crowded teeth, overbites, and underbites, which cause teeth misalignment. The best solution to misalignment is to wear braces. Invisible braces are an improvement to traditional braces. They are clear, making it hard for a person to notice. More importantly, doctors make them fit your teeth, ensuring maximum comfort when wearing them.

Here are the advantages of invisible braces.


The most significant benefit of invisible braces is invisibility. While they aren’t invisible, they aren’t as conspicuous as traditional braces. As a result, you can smile confidently in public spaces without the fear that someone will notice your braces. Many teens and young adults don’t like their colleagues to notice they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment. It’s an innate issue that hurts their self-consciousness. Wearing traditional braces put them in a tricky situation, with some having to hide their smiles. With invisible braces, you can smile freely because they aren’t easy to notice. 

Less Frequent Dental Appointments 

Dental appointments are a headache, even for people who don’t have dental complications. However, choosing invisible braces over metal and ceramic units ensures you don’t visit the dentist as often. This is because you can remove the braces before eating or brushing your teeth, meaning there’s little chance of damaging their structure. On the other hand, traditional braces aren’t removable. As a result, food will move the wires when you eat, interfering with functionality. This requires you to make frequent dental visits for repositioning. 

Normal Eating Schedule

As mentioned above, some food interferes with the alignment of traditional metal and wire braces. For this reason, dentists advise you to change your diet when wearing braces. Examples of foods that aren’t recommended when wearing braces include candies, chocolate, and anything sticky that can get lodged in the metalwork. In addition, hard foods like sugarcane, nuts, etc., can also compromise the structure of your braces. Conversely, invisible brace users don’t have food restrictions. You can enjoy a normal diet like everyone else, but you’ll have to remove the aligners before every meal. After you eat, rinse your mouth thoroughly before repositioning the braces. 

Quick and Visible Progress

Wearing invisible braces makes it easier to monitor your improvements. In addition, the 3D imaging technology used when positioning the aligners allows you to visualize your treatment from start to end. Unlike traditional braces, invisible aligners are customized to fit your teeth. As your teeth straighten, your dentist will design new braces to correspond with the new alignment. 

Faster Results

Besides allowing you to track progress, invisible braces guarantee faster results. Metal and ceramic braces take 18 to 24 months to align your teeth. On the contrary, invisible braces last between 6 to 18 months, depending on the severity of your case. The established average for wearing invisible aligners is one year. Faster alignment allows you to resume normal tooth function in time. Remember, wearing braces is hectic and requires extra care, whether traditional or invisible.

Easy to Clean

It isn’t easy to maintain metal and ceramic braces. They’re particularly inconvenient when eating or brushing your teeth. If you do it incorrectly, you risk hurting yourself or loosening the wires that hold the braces in position. Contrariwise, invisible aligners are easy to clean. You can detach them when brushing your teeth and clean them with toothpaste. After they’re dry, you can refit them into your mouth. 

More Comfort

Anybody who has ever worn braces knows they can be uncomfortable. A slight positional shift is enough to cause tension in your teeth and gums. Moreover, you can’t eat some food or brush your teeth without exercising caution.

Final Words

Misaligned teeth can hurt your self-esteem and make others feel you always wear a gloomy face. Fortunately, you can treat the underlying disorders by wearing invisible braces. Unlike metal and ceramic aligners, these are comfortable, unnoticeable, and guarantee faster results. Most patients start noticing improvements within a few months of beginning this orthodontic treatment. 

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