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Oat milk is plant milk extracted from whole oats or Avena spp. Grains. This type of milk is prepared with plant material extraction and water. Oat milk has a creamy texture and a flavor that will remind you of wild oats. It can be manufactured using various oat flavors and sweetened or unsweetened milk, and vanilla and chocolate delicacies. This blog will help you understand “what does oat milk taste like” and its benefits.

Nutrition Facts about oat milk – 

  • Unlike other plant milk, the origin of oat milk can be traced back to the 13th century.
  • It is known to be developed in the 1990s by the Swedish scientist Rickard Öste.
  • You can make oat milk, including coffee creamer, ice cream, chocolates, and yogurt alternatives.
  • Oat milk makes a wonderful delicacy for vegan people and those who have developed any medical condition like incompatibility to dairy milk, lactose intolerance, and any allergy to cow milk.
  • Compared to cow milk, other dairy beverages, and plant-based milk products, oat milk tends to produce less impact on the environment as it consumes less land and water for production.

What is the flavor and the taste of oat milk?

If you are vegan, you must have tried many creamy and milky products. But, if you have not tried oat milk yet, you may miss the rich taste of the rich food in your life. Even though it is easy to make with just two ingredients, many coffee lovers say that oat milk is not the best creamer for coffee. Also, they have the same thoughts on using this milk for tea.

Interestingly, the flavor is like cow’s milk, but oat milk is somewhat sweeter than cow’s milk. It doesn’t taste like any other cereal milk and can surely give you or your children a smile on their faces. This is what most people love to experience!

Oat milk will taste like oats because it is made out of it. It will complement your evening drink, whether hot or cold.

How can you make oat milk at home?

You can prepare oat milk at home, which tends to provide you with cheaper options than store-bought options. Moreover, making oat milk at home allows you to choose the ingredients and avoid adding those that are not favored by you or the user or that may be found in commercial products. You can make oat milk at home by using certified gluten-free oats.

Below are the steps that may help you make oat milk at home:

  1. Mix one cup or around 80 grams of oats (rolled or steel cut) with three cups or around 720 or 750 ml of cold water. Keep the mixture soaked for 30 seconds. You can also blend the mixture using any kitchen tool.
  2. Now, place a cheesecloth over a wide-mouth jar or bottle. Pour the mixture of oats and water into the jar while separating milk from oats.
  3. Now, lift the cheesecloth and squeeze out the extra milk content remaining in the soaked oats.

If you want to enhance the flavor, try adding a pinch of salt, vanilla extract or cinnamon, a few dates, honey, maple syrup, or anything of your choice.

Homemade oat milk can remain fresh for 5-days when stored properly in the refrigerator.

There can be chances that you may end up with the preparation of oat milk with slimy results. To avoid this mishap, do not soak oats in cold water for longer than 30 seconds. Also, do not squeeze the cheesecloth so hard that the mixture starts blending with the milk.

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What are the benefits of oat milk?

Oat milk is healthy, nutritious, and beneficial for humankind. Just like cow milk, oat milk provides a high dose of calcium and vitamin D. This means that if you drink a glass of oat milk regularly, it will provide you with a good source of healthy bones.

oat milk

However, if you are buying any commercial oat milk product, you should be aware of the additives. 

If you want to learn more about oat milk and its benefits, we have provided you with some best medically approved benefits here:

  • It is beneficial for heart patients – 

One of the best benefits of oat milk is that it does not contribute to cholesterol. This is good for those who are heart patients. The nutritional benefits of oat milk are commendable. If you try to make oat milk at home, you can choose the additives you like and make it as nutritious as you want.

  • It makes a good choice for vegan people –

Oat milk makes the best choice for those who are vegan restrictive. Since the milk is made of oats and water, it is vegan and free from additives like soy, lactose, and nuts. Also, oats are gluten-free and can be processed in factories to make them gluten-rich along with certain contaminations.

  • It is a great source of vitamin B –

Oat milk is a rich source of Vitamin B and majorly includes riboflavin (B2) and vitamin B12. Vitamin B is essential for optimal health and various other benefits to the human body. Also, vitamin B helps fight stress, combat oxidative damage to the body, and promote the growth of hair, nails, and skin growth. Oat milk is good for those deficient in this vitamin group.

  • Helps to lower the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol –

Oat milk is high in beta-glucan. Beta Glucan is the type of soluble fiber that brings you heart health. Beta Glucan is a gel-like substance in the human gut and binds with cholesterol. This binding helps to reduce the absorption of cholesterol. Also, this absorption brings lower levels of bad cholesterol and helps you fight heart diseases like heart attacks.

What is the Texture of Oat Milk? 

Oat milk is smoother and gives you a rich taste even more enhanced than cow’s milk. With oat milk, you cannot get the fat content that you usually get within a milk cow, which is also creamy and thick in its form. If you are buying any branded oat milk, the brand may vary the content or the fatness or other ingredients of oat milk. That means the companies or the brands can control how thick and creamy oat milk they want to make.

If you think you cannot get the texture of oat milk like any other cow milk or the kind of dairy milk sold commercially, then you are wrong. You get the pleasant, creamy, and thick texture with just a little effort in making and processing the milk.

How can you process making oat milk tea?

After seeing the benefits of oat milk, many people are curious to know what oat milk tea will taste like. There are two ways to make oat milk tea, and these are:

  • Heat the oat milk and pour it over hot black tea or ice tea as it is done traditionally.
  • Blend the tea and enjoy the creamy latter-like beverage.

When you heat the oat milk, it will give you the smell of earthiness. After preparing your oat milk tea, you will remember your last eaten caramel dessert because it tastes exactly like that!

Conclusion – 

Oat milk is plant-based milk and makes the best choice for vegan and vegetarian people. It is suitable for those restricted to lactose and other substances like soy, nuts, and a natural dairy-like feeling. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and several benefits to enjoy. You can make oat milk sweetened or unsweetened, gluten-free or gluten-free, or as you like.

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