Who Can Benefit from Weighted Blankets?

When it comes to relaxation, de-stressing, and getting proper sleep, there are many people who struggle. The stress of day to day life, problems at work or college, financial issues, and problems at home can all add to the difficulties people face when it comes to their wellbeing. However, there are solutions you can consider such as Baloo weighted blankets.

Many people have come to hear about weighted blankets over the past couple of years. This could be through press coverage or perhaps even knowing someone who has used one. If you have heard of weighted blankets but not yet tried one, you may be wondering whether they are suitable for you or a member of your household. Well, in this article, we will look at the types of people who can benefit from using one of these blankets.

Ideal Candidates for Weighted Blankets

The great thing about weighted blankets is that they are suitable for all sorts of people, from older children through to the elderly. They offer a wide variety of benefits that can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing and your quality of life. This is why they have become so popular with those who want to enjoy de-stress, get better quality sleep, and relax. Below are some of the ideal candidates for weighted blankets:

People Who Feel Stressed and Anxious

Stress and anxiety are commonplace these days, and this comes as no surprise given the fast pace of life we have to cope with. When you have to deal with work, family life, financial struggles, and other commitments, everything can mount up and cause stress and anxiety levels to rise higher and higher. This can then have a huge negative impact on many aspects of your life.

The good news is that if you do suffer from stress and anxiety, you could benefit from using a weighted blanket. These blankets use specialist technology that helps to boost serotonin and boost endorphin release, which then helps to bring stress levels and anxiety by lifting your mood.

Those Who Struggle to Sleep

Getting to sleep is something that comes naturally to some people, but there are many others who really struggle to get to sleep. Many are left tossing and turning or getting up over and over again. Some manage to get to sleep but end up waking up regularly, so their sleep is always broken. This can eventually take its toll on your physical and mental health as well as your quality of life.

If you are one of the many people who cannot get to sleep easily, using a weighted blanket could be the ideal solution. These blankets are designed to be extremely comforting and can help to promote relaxation and calmness. This can then help you to get into the right state of mind to drift off to sleep. Once you start getting more sleep, you will be able to enjoy feeling much better and functioning far more efficiently.

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Older Children

Weighted blankets are not advisable for smaller or younger children aged three or under and weighing 50 pounds or less. However, for older children, they can provide the perfect, comforting, and relaxing experience. If you have children who often struggle to stay calm and relax or kids who find it hard to get to sleep, you will probably already know how it can impact on both their lives and yours.

By getting a weighted blanket for your older child, you can provide them with a sense of comfort and snugness that will help to relax and calm them down. In addition, if they use one of these blankets at bedtime, it can help them to get to sleep with greater ease and speed.

People Who Have Difficulty Relaxing

Many adults work in high-pressure environments, have issues at work or home, or experience other issues that make it difficult to relax. If your mind is always on the go and you find it difficult to switch off and relax, it can affect your life quality as well as your health and wellbeing.

Using a weighted blanket could be ideal if you tend to struggle to relax, as it can help to ease the stress levels, make you feel calm, and lift your mood. This means you will find it much easier to relax and unwind.

A Great Solution Without the Huge Cost

Weighted blankets can provide an excellent solution to relaxation and rest for many people – and the best thing is that it does not come with a huge price tag. You will find a wide range of weighted blankets available at affordable prices, so you can find one to suit your needs and your pocket with ease.

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